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Giancarlo Stanton's Longest Career Homers


Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton hit two monstrous home runs last night against the Phillies, with one traveling an estimated 469 feet. Stanton has been crushing bombs since arriving in the Majors.

Check out the nine longest homers of his young career. 

9. May 21, 2012: The infamous laser shot, grand slam off Jamie Moyer traveled 462 feet, temporarily breaking the scoreboard at Marlins Park.

8. September 18, 2013: A 463-foot bomb against the Phillies.

7. May 16, 2011: Stanton hit this ball 465 feet to deep center. 

6. August 18, 2012: ANOTHER 465-foot bomb, against the Rockies.

5. August 17, 2011: He crushed an Aaron Cook pitch 466 feet into orbit.

4. April 12, 2014: Yesterday's bomb made the list.

3. August 15, 2011: Kevin Millwood knew he made a mistake. Stanton made him pay with a 474-foot blast into the Coors Field night. 

2. April 4, 2014: A 484-foot MOONSHOT against the Padres, the longest home run hit at Marlins Park.

1. August 17, 2012: The longest homer of his career so far went almost 500 feet, landing 494 feet away from home plate.

I enjoy watching this kid hit. It will be awesome to see him participate in the Home Run Derby one day, and every at-bat is must-see TV.