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Glen Perkins Hooks Fan up with Tickets

Fans often hear of the few undesirable things professional athletes do. But what is rarely discussed is that a lot of players do wonderful, spontaneous things too. Twins relief pitcher Glen Perkins is a true testament to this. After a fan was unable to get tickets online due to unfortunate circumstances, the fan turned to Twitter and tweeted at Perkins, explaining his situation. Incredibly, almost immediately after tweeting, Perkins realized the fans predicament and offered to help by giving him tickets at will call.

There’s no doubt that players get thousands of requests from fans asking for multiple things, but on that day, Perkins listened to the fan’s story. He could have ignored the message or at the very least helped the fan get the tickets he was attempting to order but instead he gave the fan tickets. They also weren’t just the run-of-the-mill tickets as the Twins player graciously donated tickets in row 24 of section 113 — directly behind home plate. The Twins won the game, 5-0, but without a doubt, through his generosity, Perkins won a fan for life.