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In Search of Tim McCarver's Replacement

Tim McCarver, long-time color commentator for Major League Baseball on FOX, has announced that this year will be his last as a broadcaster. The man brought a unique insight to the booth, referencing his own knowledge and experiences in the game that he played for 21 years in the MLB.

But this news now begs the question of who will work alongside Joe Buck. I got some suggestions that aren’t serious.

1. Jerry Remy – In my opinion, The RemDawg is the best color guy in the business. This isn’t even necessarily a joke suggestion. I sincerely want Remy to work with Buck. He’s hilarious, smart and knowledgeable. A home town hero.

Catchphrase: “Here comes the pizza!”

2. Jay-Z – Rapper, musician, producer, record label owner, club owner, basketball team owner and now sports agent – Hova is doing everything anyway. Why not let him try his hand at commentating on live baseball?

Catchphrase: “I got 99 problems but a bunt ain’t one!”

3. Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson – Baseball is very scientific. The physics involved can make one's head explode. I suggest we let the world’s leading spokesperson for the sciences sit next to Buck and discuss, hilariously well, the ins and outs of baseball from the mind of a physicist.

Catchphrase: “I’m a SCIENTIST!”

4. A Delicious Sandwich – Can you imagine? Forget the abhorrence of a human body with a grinder for a head; Sandwich probably has some good baseball knowledge. Who’s to say he doesn’t? Plus, it brings the sex appeal of FOX reporters to another level.

Catchphrase: “Sandwich you talkin’ bout?”

5. Joe Buck – It’ll be kinda fun to have cloning be a real thing. Catchphrase: “It’s like I’m looking into a home run mirror!”

6. Admiral Ackbar –

With the new Star Wars films coming out in a couple years, let's start the marketing campaign now and have the most ironically beloved character call a game that never existed a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Catchphrase: "It's a trap!" (when referring to a diving catch)

Who do you think should be McCarver's replacement? Comment below.