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Jose Bautista and Jose Reyes Join Vine





Two Toronto Blue Jays who have completely taken over the social media realm are Jose Bautista and Jose Reyes. Both Jose's are known for their engagement on Twitter, their incredible photos on Instagram and more recently their videos on Vine. Through these platforms, fans are able to get a more personal outlook of their favorite players.

For instance, Bautista constantly gives detailed descriptions of his favorite gear, activities and hobbies, while Reyes has been keeping fans up to date with inspirational messages attached to detailed progress of his path back to the Majors. Through this, fans get to know their favorite players behind the jersey and know them more than just amazing athletes, but as amazing people too.

To follow Jose Reyes: Twitter: @lamelaza_7 Instagram: @lamelaza_7 Vine: Jose Reyes

To follow Jose Bautista: Twitter: @JoeyBats19  Instagram: @JoeyBats19  Vine: Jose Bautista

Who is your favorite baseball player to follow on social media? Comment below.