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Josh Donaldson Hits the Bullseye

When I first saw the video of Oakland Athletics third baseman Josh Donaldson hitting the target into the "O" in left field during batting practice, I was slightly perplexed by what had happened. Donaldson’s reaction immediately put a smile to my face as he raised his hands in excitement and proudly ran around the bases backwards. Since I had recently met Donaldson when he visited the MLB Fan Cave a few weeks prior, I assumed the reaction was just him being the fun-loving person that he is and that he was merely excited over the fact that he had made an incredible swing.

It turns out, however, that it was much more than that. I later found out that if the rare feat of hitting that target is accomplished during a game, a fan gets $10,000. However, because it occurred during batting practice, decided to donate the same amount to the Wounded Warriors Project in Donaldson's name. That definitely provides a good reason for Donaldson’s celebration! Evidently through these actions, it’s clear that it is not only the Athletics’ third baseman that hit the bullseye!

While Donaldson has been playing well, hitting eight home runs thus far in 2013, I’m sure he will always remember his home run into that small target and his backwards celebration.