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Ken Griffey Jr. Chocolate Bar

Weird fact of the day. Ken Griffey Jr. was allergic to his own candy bar.

Well, Griffey is allergic to chocolate and had to be careful with the Ken Griffey Junior Milk Chocolate Bar that was distributed during his rookie season in 1989.

From an old article in the Baltimore Sun:

BALTIMORE -- Ken Griffey Jr. -- for whom a candy bar is being named -- said Sunday he is allergic to chocolate.

Griffey, 19, the Seattle Mariners` rookie center fielder, ate three candy bars before the game last week in which he went 4 for 4 during his club-record eight straight hits.

``Sure enough, I broke out, but it was worth it,`` Griffey said. ``The next day, I was all swollen up.``

The Ken Griffey Junior Milk Chocolate Bar is to be distributed on a test basis by a baseballparaphernalia company in Edmonds, Wash., within the next week.

An agreement was reached between Griffey`s agent, Brian Goldberg, and businessman Mike Cramer, who plans to start with 2,500 bars in his store.

Twelve molds showing Griffey in action have been made. One of those images will be embossed on each bar.

The candy bar more than 20 years later: