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Kennelly Brothers Pursue Big League Dreams

This is pretty awesome. Growing up, it was always my dream to play professional baseball with my little brother. That’s like 10 out of 10 cool. And if having two brothers playing pro ball is a 10 out of 10 cool, these brothers are off the charts cool. The Kennellys are four Australian brothers chasing the dream in the minors who were featured on an ESPN series called Aussies Abroad. Tim, Matt, Josh and Sam are all at various levels in the minors after signing professional contracts straight out of Australia.

What a culture shock that must have been, right? I had a culture shock moving from California to Virginia. Couldn’t imagine moving across the globe. The youngest, Sam, has to travel to Florida in between his breaks in high school back in his home country. Pretty crazy. It definitely strengthens the kids to be away from home and to be around baseball 24/7. The Fan Cave Dwellers wish these kids the best and we’re looking forward to following their journey!