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McCoy bruises left quad in outfield collision

LAKELAND, Fla. -- Utilityman Mike McCoy suffered a bruised left quad after a scary collision with Ryan Langerhans in the outfield midway through Saturday afternoon's game against the Tigers.

McCoy attempted to make a play on a deep fly ball into the right-center field gap off the bat of Jeff Kobernus during the seventh inning of Toronto's 10-3 victory over Detroit.

The problem occurred when neither player heard the other calling for the ball and the result was a full-speed collision. McCoy remained on the ground for several minutes before limping off the field and into the clubhouse.

"I called it I think twice, but it was kind of windy and I might not have said it loud enough," McCoy said. "Obviously I didn't. We were both kind of running hard after it."

There was no immediate timetable for McCoy's return but he'll likely require at least a couple of days off. The situation could have been much worse but both players were able to avoid knocking heads and the only damage was Langerhans' knee connecting to McCoy's quadriceps muscle.

The injury essentially is a charley horse, but McCoy couldn't help but deliver a rather clever line when asked if that was the case.

"I hope that's all it is," McCoy said. "Sounds pretty wimpy when you say it like that."