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Merengue in the Rays Clubhouse

Tampa Bay Rays Manager Joe Maddon is willing to do anything it takes to jumpstart his team and create a warm and positive atmosphere in the clubhouse. Earlier in the year, I wrote about him bringing a DJ, a magician, exotic birds and even a penguin to the clubhouse! I truthfully thought he wouldn’t be able to top it.

But I was wrong. So very wrong.

Before Tuesday’s game against the Red Sox, Maddon brought in a Latin Merengue band (Sol Caribe) and decorated the clubhouse with 27 plantains. Both were inspired by the Dominican and Latin players on the Rays. I’m sure Fernando Rodney appreciated the efforts as he helped the plantains become the mascot for the Dominican Republic team at the WBC this year, where evidently the team found incredible success. Here’s hoping it translates to the Rays for tonight’s game.

New challenge: Let’s try to figure out what Maddon will bring to the clubhouse next. Think you know? Comment below!