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Mike Mussina is a High School Coach

How is Mike Mussina spending his time while he awaits the Hall of Fame announcement? Coaching high school basketball in his hometown.  

Back in June, Mussina signed on to coach the Montoursville Area High School for a stipend of $4,170. According to a recent article on, he's enjoying his new job despite an 0-6 start. 

Chris Masse:

It is a big challenge. It also is an opportunity to give back to a town he adores while providing life lessons that go beyond basketball. For Mussina, it does not get much better.

"I love coaching. If I didn't like doing this kind of stuff, I could be doing a whole lot of other things," Mussina said. "It's rewarding. It's nice to get out there and help these kids battle through a growing point in their lives when they have a lot of issues they have to tackle off the court, out of school and in school."

Good for Mussina, who went 270-153 with a 3.68 ERA over a fantastic 18-year career. He was a tremendous pitcher and is a class act. We wish him nothing but the best.