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Mike Piazza to Perform in Ballet

Mike Piazza’s storied career spanned the better part of two decades, included a Rookie of the Year award, a dozen All-Star Game appearances and countless memorable home runs.

Piazza most recently coached Team Italy in the World Baseball Classic after finishing fourth on the MLB Hall of Fame ballot, falling just short of immortalization in Cooperstown on his first go-round.

So what can he do for an encore? You might not have seen this coming, but he’ll be performing in a ballet. With an E. And a silent T. Ballet. Dancing.

OK, now that the initial shock has set in, you’ll be as bummed as I was to hear that Piazza actually will NOT be dancing. It’s too bad, because who wouldn’t pay to see that?

Piazza’s oldest daughter is a student at the ballet school, and when a stand-in for a big, scary-looking gangster type was needed, Dad stepped up to the plate.

Looks like Piazza’s 427 career home runs may get kicked up one more, because you know he’s knocking this one out of the park. Fingers are crossed that we can get a live stream of this on the Cave Monster.