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MLBAM releases first-ever full season Live Digital Data Ratings (LDDR)

Digital screen access averages during live regular season games: 71.3MM minutes and 10.4MM unique sessions per day

NEW YORK, October 8, 2015 - MLBAM, the content technology development and multi-platform distribution company, released today its first-ever Live Digital Data Ratings (LDDR) study as a definitive recap of how baseball fans utilized its digital products to consume live Major League Baseball games during the 2015 season. This analysis of consumer usage shows baseball fans continue to embrace multi-platform access to live games on their personal digital devices.

The six-month LDDR study looked at live consumption across MLBAM's flagship consumer digital products, MLB.TV and the At Bat app, as well as its multi-platform Gameday pitch tracking application exclusively during the live windows for all 2,429 regular season MLB games played in 2015. MLB.TV is only available live to out-of-market subscribers.


Overall in the 2015 regular season, fans consumed per day averages of 71.4 million minutes and 10.4 million unique sessions this season with live media - video or audio streams - of MLB games, representing yearly increases of 17 percent and 15 percent, respectively.

Minutes Consumed By Platform

Access Platform          Avg Minutes/Day

Live Video/Audio            50,065,721 

Live Gameday                  21,280,669

Totals                              71,346,390

Unique Sessions By Platform

Access Platform     Avg Uni. Sessions/Day

Live Video/Audio            1,654,803

Live Gameday                  8,757,306

Totals                              10,412,109

Baseball fans' engagement levels with live games also are evidenced in the comScore rankings where At Bat has been the most consumed sports mobile application in the United States since April with more than six billion minutes consumed, a total 35% higher than the #2 app.

Data Sources: Adobe Analytics, comScore