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Ballpark app brings history right to your seat

KANSAS CITY -- Michael Scheuerman of Smyrna, Ga., was cheering right there in Section 131, Row S, Seat 7 -- on the Royals' dugout side to witness the longest Game 1 in World Series history.

Thanks to a new feature in the Ballpark app, he preserved that moment on the spot. The Royals fan had checked in on Ballpark, so he looked over the new list of authenticated game-used items and ordered a baseball that Mets starter Matt Harvey had just thrown in the dirt.

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In the fourth inning, Scheuerman's $799 order was completed. The ball was delivered to his seat. History was made and history was preserved, like never before. As opposed to catching a foul ball in the stands, this was a case of guaranteed success thanks to technology.

"It's another valuable feature of the Ballpark app to actually be able to get authentic merchandise exclusively from the field delivered to your seat," said Adam Ritter, senior vice president of wireless for MLB. "So it's another great utility in the Ballpark app."

Major League Baseball Advanced Media's iBeacon technology now enables fans to interact with the game in a new way and be in control.

Fans were enjoying this new feature during Game 2 on Wednesday night as well, and it will be available during the upcoming games at Citi Field in New York.

Check in with the app first, and then click on the "Buy Game Used Memorabilia" link. Then just scroll the available inventory, all available to purchase in the app. Hey, there's a $24.99 World Series game-used jar of MLB-authenticated Kauffman Stadium field dirt.

Or for $2,999, maybe you were thinking about one of those bases you have been watching so closely. Order it on the app during the game, and have it delivered in your seat after it is replaced with another one during the game and promptly authenticated by MLB. How cool would it be to have someone bring a dirty base to your seat so your whole group gets a close look?

As you traverse the ballpark, you'll get a message pushed to your Ballpark app, as long as you're checked in: "World Series Game-Used Memorabilia Delivered to your Seat." Just hit the "Purchase" button and have it delivered to your seat like a frosty beverage.

"Imagine you walk into a ballpark, your kid wants a ball, and you can actually get a ball that was used in today's game delivered to your seat," Ritter said. "All because you can purchase it from the app."

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