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"Beat the Streak presented by Mitchum" launches with record-setting grand prize of $1 million

NEW YORK --, the official website of Major League Baseball, is offering fans the opportunity to challenge one of baseball's most hallowed individual records and stake claim to the single largest grand prize in fantasy baseball history. "Beat the Streak presentedby Mitchum" launches today on with a grand prize of $1 million awaiting the contestantwho can sustain a hitting streak of 57 games to surpass the legendary all-time mark of 56 games.

"We're excited to bring a one-of-a-kind grand prize to a one-of-a-kind fantasy baseball game," said's Gregg Klayman, the game's creator. "Unlike traditional fantasy games, 'Beat theStreak' has an inherent simplicity that engages every fan - from the rookie baseball fan to theseasoned fantasy veteran - at the same level of competition."

Since it launched in April 2001, more than one million contestants have played the free fantasygame on, and a select few have come close to reaching the streak, including last year'swinner, Michael Karatzia of Sea Girt, N.J. Karatzia established a new all-time mark with a streak of 49 games, falling just a week shy of qualifying for last year's $100,000 grand prize. Overall, there were a single-season-record 14 individual streaks of at least 40 games in 2007, more than double the total from the first six seasons combined.

How to Play
"Beat the Streak presented by Mitchum" is a free fantasy game that gives contestants a chance towin $1 million if they can sustain a hitting streak of at least 57 games. Each day, contestants choose a Major League player they think will get a hit. If a selected player delivers a hit on that day, the streak continues and the contestant chooses either another player or the same player the following day. If a selected player ever goes hitless for that day, the streak ends. For example, Karatzia built his record-breaking streak last year using a variety of the top Major League hitters, including Vladimir Guerrero (9 times), Derek Jeter (8), Magglio Ordoñez (5) and Jose Reyes (4).