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MLBFC: WBC Edition in Instagram Photos

With the World Baseball Classic coming to an exciting conclusion, I just had to take a moment to look back on my time in the MLB Fan Cave.

How often do we all get to experience the coming together of baseball from around the globe? Ok, clearly every four years. But that’s not all that common! The WBC is an extremely unique event and I got to see it through an extremely unique lens in the MLB Fan Cave.

I hear “a picture is worth a thousand words,” so in order to spare you all from a very long blog post, here are 11 of my personal Instagram photos that I feel encompass the spirit of the WBC MLB Fan Cave Dwellers’ journey. Enjoy!

9. Juan’s Slide

The Home Run Slide is a favorite of all who have visited the MLB Fan Cave and the WBC Dwellers were no exception. Here, Juan slides for Hanley Ramirez.

8. Adam’s Artistic Talent

Adam was our resident face and body painter. Here, he sports the words “Beat Australia.”

7. Raul’s Jersey

The WBC provides an opportunity for fans to cheer for and root against players they normally wouldn’t. Here, being a Cardinals fan, I admire Raul’s Puerto Rican Beltran jersey.

6. The Media’s #LuigiWatch

Everyone loved watching Luigi cheer on his team. And the reporters from CNN got to do so professionally! Here, they look on as he updates his scorecard.

5. Vivian’s Chat

Everywhere we went, we found people from the WBC Dwellers’ native countries. Here, Vivian chats with a fellow Chinese woman about baseball.

4. Toshi & Damaso’s Celebration

What is the best way to celebrate your team advancing in the WBC? A jam session! Here, Damaso and Toshi attempt to make some sweet music.

3. My Bullpen Call

The WBC Dwellers were lucky enough to get to tour Citi Field! Here, I make an important call to the bullpen.

2. Vivian’s WinHer team had already been eliminated, but going out on a win got Vivian choked up. Here, she is speechless as she takes it all in watching the Cave Monster.

1. Josep’s Tattoo

We may all be WBC super-fans, but Josep was the one to commit permanently. Here, he gets a tattoo of the WBC logo.