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MLB.TV to stream World Series, select postseason games

Signups are underway for eligible MLB.TV subscribers at only $9.99 as the latest in a long line of milestones continues. For the first time, live streaming of all World Series and select postseason games for authenticated MLB.TV subscribers is available in the United States. That will include the first-ever live streaming of every game broadcast by FOX in the World Series.

Major League Baseball Advanced Media announced that it will stream select postseason games blackout-free, so you can watch live online or on your mobile device. You'll just need to complete a one-time authentication with your participating TV provider. That simple step was taken by many who watched the All-Star Game live and blackout-free for the first time this way in July.

"It's cool, because it's kind of anywhere you go, you've got it right there," said country star Jason Aldean, a bigtime baseball fan who uses his MLB.TV subscription during his ongoing "Burn It Down" tour."You can be walking down the street and pull it out and be watching on your phone." And now that it's playoff time, he adds, "That's when it gets really good to have."

Yes, it's really good to have now, and there are a lot of reasons to sign up.

For one, it includes Postseason.TV, a $4.99 value. Also, it will include more than 200 live Spring Training games as the first month of MLB.TV comes for free in 2015, a $24.99 value. So fans of all 30 clubs can take advantage of this offer, even if their team is on the outside looking in this October.

TBS is broadcasting the Royals-Orioles American League Championship Series starting Friday, and each game in that series is available with MLB.TV. In addition, MLB.TV viewers can see Games 1 and (if necessary) 6 of the National League Championship Series between the Giants and Cardinals, broadcast by FOX.

Then the 110th Fall Classic starts on Oct. 21 at the home of the ALCS winner, and each FOX broadcast also will be included.

Features include an HD picture, live game DVR controls, full-game archives, audio overlay, in-game highlights and stats, and clickable linescores.

All postseason games are available with no blackout restrictions on MLB.TV for international customers, those outside the U.S. and Canada.

The new MLB.TV package is a step forward for many fans who are accustomed to watching live baseball this way, from Spring Training through the regular season. MLB.TV is the Internet's longest-running and No. 1 sports streaming product, with a long line of breakthroughs.

With MLB.TV, MLB was the first sport league to stream its entire season (2003); first to wire its venues for TV-quality streaming (2005); first to use adaptive bit rate streaming (2008); first to stream live 720p HD video (2009); first to stream live games/subscription product to iPhone (2009); first live video on connected devices (2009); first to stream live video to a gaming console (2010); first live games embedded on Facebook & Twitter (2011); and first to make a live video stream embeddable to any site on the Internet (2013).

Postseason.TV is a live companion product to the TBS broadcasts. With that package, you'll get enhanced companion coverage with complete audio broadcast (full broadcast feed excluded), and you can watch four alternate angles at once and choose up to 10 different fixed camera views.

Mark Newman is enterprise editor of Read and join other baseball fans on his community blog.