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Mortensen could create tough decision

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Sporting more bullpen depth than they've had in recent years, the Red Sox could be faced with a tough decision late in camp with Clayton Mortensen.

Last year, the righty was constantly on the shuttle going back and forth between Boston and Triple-A Pawtucket. This year, he doesn't have any more options.

Considering how effective Mortensen was when called on by the Red Sox last season, he would probably be picked up by someone if exposed to waivers.

The righty posted a 3.21 ERA in 26 games for Boston last year, pitching 42 innings.

Mortensen is one of the relievers who can offer some length out of the bullpen.

"The one thing when you look at Mortensen, his contrast of style, he's got an outstanding slider and changeup," said manager John Farrell. "He has the ability in those games where he came in down a couple runs, with that changeup, he's got the ability to slow some bats down. A little bit different delivery with some deception in there. Again, [he is] another guy that took advantage of opportunity that might have been different than what he had in the past, and [he] did a good job."