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Mujica's Neck Pain Disappears with Pillow Change

The Red Sox can sleep easy when it comes to Edward Mujica. Boston advised Mujica to get rid of his expensive pillow and replace it with a regular one. Since making the change, Mujica is pain free.

Via MassLive Mujica shares the details:

“I had a Tempur-Pedic. It was $150,” Mujica said. “The trainer said, ‘Don’t use that anymore.’ He said, ‘Use this one.’ It cost me $20. It’s just a regular pillow.”

“It’s unbelievable,” Mujica said. “For like six weeks the trainer has been working on me and my neck has been feeling better. My body is feeling better. We can feel it but everything is inside and they just fixed it.”

The adjustment should have Mujica catching more Z's and racking up more K's.