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Oct. 27 Ned Yost postgame interview

Q. What's the story with Edinson's father?

NED YOST: I don't have any idea when he found out. You know, we found out about it before the game and the wishes of the family was, you know, let Eddie pitch. So I was kind of keeping my eye, didn't want him to hear about it. I was keeping my eye on him. And he was fine. He didn't know, and I guess after the game is when he found out.

Q. Did you talk to him about it?

NED YOST: I didn't have a chance, the game was going on.

Q. In the game, what kind of a crazy game, Gordo's home run put a charge in you guys, and you had to use a lot of guys?

NED YOST: You know, you get in that situation with Familia on the mound, you know how good he can be. Gordy hit one about as good as he can hit it to tie the ballgame up, and we just kept battling from that point on.

Q. Did you have a contingency in case perhaps Edinson couldn't pitch?

NED YOST: I did. I talked to Chris Young and told him that if Eddie finds out, you know how tough that can be. I remember Chris just went through it, Mous went through it with his mom. It's a very, very tough thing, especially right before you're about to go out and pitch. It would almost be impossible to do that in Game 1 of the World Series. I told Chris just to be ready in case something happens. And he would have to pick up the slack.

Q. With this team, Edinson pitching eight innings of relief, one unearned run, Gordon's home run, Hosmer redeeming himself.

NED YOST: It was a great night. Two things you don't want in Game 1 of the World Series: One is to go 14 innings and the other is to lose. To find a way to grind that way out against a great team, both teams were matching pitch for pitch. We had opportunities, they'd make big pitches and get out of innings. But to grind through that game and to win it in the 14th inning was big.

Q. You talk about Chris Young, he's scheduled to start Game 4. How does tonight affect that plan?

NED YOST: It really doesn't. Our plan going into it was we could go 45 to 50 pitches with Chris and bring him back a day early, he'd be fine with that. Once it got to the 50-pitch mark, it was okay, we're going to go all out to win this game, and Chris is going to go as far as he could go.

But we ended up winning the ballgame in kind of our threshold there.

Q. Didn't he do 90 miles an hour tonight for eight or ten times? They say first time since 2009.

NED YOST: It's World Series adrenaline, I guess. We felt good about bringing Chris in that game because nothing affects him, nothing. He's just going to come in and make pitches and hold the fort until we could find a way to win.

Q. Eric is a Gold Glover. What did you see on the play he had the air on?

NED YOST: It was kind of a short hop play. I think he just stepped up to try to catch it on the short hop and he just missed it.

Q. He had several chances at the end and finally made the sacrifice fly.

NED YOST: Yeah, it was big for him. It was kind of redeeming there for him to come up and get the game-winning sacrifice fly for us, right there, it was nice.

Q. I don't remember what inning it was, but Lorenzo Cain, the sacrifice bunt, what was the plan?

NED YOST: No, there was no plan. He was bunting on his own there.

We give our guys the freedom to play their style, give them the freedom to bunt. A lot of times we'll put hit and runs on, but I don't think I put four bunt signs on all year. And he just felt like our best chance of winning the ballgame was to get it down, get the runner at third and drive him in from there.

Q. How valuable has it been to have a guy like Chris who can be a swing man, who can start and relieve, do both effectively?

NED YOST: It was a great sign by Dayton Moore late in the spring. He's pitched so well for us all year long in any role we've asked him to do. The thing that's so special to me is the confidence we all have in him. For him to go out and pitch the way that he does under any circumstance has just been a big lift to us all.

Q. Where is Edinson right now, is he still with the team?

NED YOST: No, he's gone home.

Q. He's gone home?

NED YOST: Yes, he left before the game ended.

Q. Do you have any idea what the plan is?

NED YOST: I don't know, I just got in the locker room after 14 innings.