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Sarah's Take: Winter Meetings big for NL West

Each team in division could improve its roster at annual event

The annual Winter Meetings begin next Monday in Nashville, Tenn. These meetings are where teams are supposed to do most of their improvements for next season. Many diehard baseball fans can't stop looking at any baseball news to see if their favorite team has done something.

So far this offseason, the National League West hasn't had much action. Since 2012, both the Giants and the Dodgers have dominated the division. The Giants have earned two World Series titles during this period, and the Dodgers have won three consecutive division titles. But every team in the NL West needs to improve its roster before the 2016 season begins.

Colorado Rockies: This past season, the Rockies traded away Troy Tulowitzki to free up some payroll. Although Tulowitzki was often injured while in Colorado, he provided offense and protection for Carlos Gonzalez. Because the team has mostly young players, it needs veteran leadership.

Although the Rockies have good offense at Coors Field, it doesn't translate when they have to go on the road. They must figure this out.

The Rockies must get pitching. In 2007, Colorado went to the World Series, and no team without good pitching can get there. The Rockies must exercise more patience with their pitchers since it is given they will struggle sometimes.

San Diego Padres: Last season, the Padres were active trying to get quality players to enable them to be competitive. It didn't work. They already have traded closer Craig Kimbrel to the Red Sox. The Padres have satisfactory pitching, but they can't score enough to win. They need to obtain players with speed to take advantage of large gaps at Petco Park.

Video: Padres GM A.J. Preller discusses the Kimbrel trade

Arizona D-backs: After a couple of years of rebuilding, the D-backs are poised to be a factor. They have a good dynamic offense, and their defense doesn't make many errors. They have tried to develop their own young pitching. However, they should also obtain pitching.

San Francisco Giants: The Giants need starting pitching, a backup for second baseman Joe Panik and two outfielders. They need to generate more offense. After Madison Bumgarner, the Giants rotation is full of question marks. They reportedly want Zack Greinke, a free agent from the Dodgers. San Francisco also needs a better bench so it can better deal with injuries.

Video: Giants eye top-tier arms, could make a big splash

Los Angeles Dodgers: Although the Dodgers have won three straight division titles, their playoff performances have been disappointing. They need at least two new starters. They also need bullpen help. They must decide what they will do with the second base situation. Will they go after a free agent to replace Howie Kendrick, or are they content with allowing rookies to play there? Since Justin Turner is recovering from a knee injury, they may need to get another third baseman. They have an overcrowded outfield, so one of their highly paid outfielders will likely be traded.

The Winter Meetings should be interesting for the NL West fans.

Sarah D. Morris can be reached at [email protected].