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Ryan: Rangers will miss Hamilton

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- Club president Nolan Ryan, speaking with the media on Friday, said the Rangers will miss Josh Hamilton.

"When you talk about Josh, it's a complex situation," Ryan said. "You just don't replace a talent like that and we all know that. But also, there's a dimension that's brought to the ballclub that very few players if any other player in baseball would bring. It's so unique and unusual that you can't put other players in that category."

Hamilton signed with the Angels in the off-season and has already stirred things up with some of the comments he has made this spring. Those comments didn't seem to bother Ryan.

"Josh is probably making an adjustment mentally and emotionally to new surroundings and being with another ball club, and with the way the season ended last year," Ryan said. "I think he has to sort through things and I think that's what he's doing right now.

"He's dealing with being with a new organization and a lot of people asking him about leaving us and the relationship. Josh had a big impact on our organization and we wouldn't have gone to two World Series without him."