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Oct. 10 Jeurys Familia pregame interview

Q. When you come in in the postseason, are you nervous? Do you feel a little more pumped up?


Q. Not at all?

JEURYS FAMILIA: No, like always I say, I've got an opportunity to have close to me people teach me every day how to play this game and how to control my emotions in the game, that helps me a lot.

Q. You just kind of said it, but you've always been a guy that relies on so many of the people that came before you. Was there anybody that you spoke to before your first playoff game about what that situation would be like?

JEURYS FAMILIA: My go-tos are always Bartolo, Dan Warthen and Ricky Bones, of course. Ricky has some postseason experience from '96. And I think that overall it just comes down to confidence. As long as you have confidence, it doesn't matter what type of game this is, you go in feeling good.

Q. Who is the biggest threat in the Dodgers?

JEURYS FAMILIA: I think every player for the Dodgers is a threat. I trust none of them. For me, anyone that comes up to the plate, I consider them a threat. I know that they're in the Major Leagues for a reason. So that's kind of my outlook on them, so I try to prepare for everyone.

Q. You obviously had a four-out save yesterday. How often do you think in this series you could do more than one-inning saves? Is two in a row possible of more than one inning?

JEURYS FAMILIA: I'm prepared for whatever situation comes up. Like last night, I'd be okay if that happened again if I needed to be in that situation. I just kind of put my mind on being prepared for whatever the team needs me to do.