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Oct. 10 Jim Leyland pregame interview

Oct. 10 Jim Leyland pregame interview

Q. How much did the innings Sanchez gave you last night help you in terms of having your bullpen ready for tonight depending on how much you can get out of Scherzer?

JIM LEYLAND: We came out of it pretty good. Sanchez pitched an outstanding game, gave us innings. I don't think anybody's bullpen this time of year is not ready. If you watched the Giants game they were in their bullpen the second inning, they've got Lincecum pitching right now. You do what you have to do.

Q. Considering what might happen tonight, how do you feel knowing that you've got Verlander behind you tomorrow, no matter what happens tonight?

JIM LEYLAND: Well, I'm not really thinking about that. I'm thinking about tonight's game, trying to figure out a way to win it. Hopefully we don't have to cross that bridge. We'll cross it when we come to it. I always feel comfortable with him. I feel comfortable with Scherzer tonight. We'll just wait to see how it plays out.

Q. You said yesterday that Scherzer would be full go tonight. Do you still have to watch a little closely because of the shoulder and ankle recently, or at all concerned about that?

JIM LEYLAND: Well, sure, you always have to watch. You just watch your pitcher, normally the hitters tell you what you have to do. He says he's a hundred percent without any restraints at all, ankle, shoulder, everything seems all systems go. Now what happens when the game starts? Can something happen? Sure.

We're prepared for that. We've got Smyly to go if something happens to Scherzer. We'll be prepared for anything. But right now, all systems are go.

Q. You've got a club with tons of postseason experience. On the other side they've got less than a handful that had ever played in the postseason before this year. How much does that play into a series?

JIM LEYLAND: Oh, I've never believed in that, I believe in talent. And somebody always has to win their first one. I've never believed in that. I've had teams that didn't have any experience and teams people ask me about that. I really don't believe in that, to be honest with you. I believe in talent. And this has been a real good series so far. I thought they played a terrific game last night. Impeccable, really. Didn't have any effect on them last night.

I don't really believe in that stuff. A lot of people talk about it, it's good conversation, I guess, but I don't really I don't believe in that.

Q. Two straight games where you used Coke against Pennington and Crisp. How much confidence does that build on Coke and how big a role does he play in the bullpen?

JIM LEYLAND: Obviously he's our late ending left hander. That's huge for us to come in and get a few outs. They've got a couple of big bats sitting there, you have to watch how you play it. If you noticed last night I chose to go to Dotel to Smith rather than Smyly to possibly Gomes or Carter. You never know what Bob might do. But that certainly would have been an option for him. And I just felt that Dotel against Smith was a better option for me than Smyly against maybe Carter or Gomes.