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Oct. 10 Justin Verlander postgame interview

Q.  For a game like this, do you feel more fired up, maybe even more angry to go get them tomorrow?

JUSTIN VERLANDER:  No, you try to take it one day at a time.  Obviously that was a tough one.  But it's not the first time this year we lost like that, but on a bigger stage.  We've been resilient all year, and tomorrow is a new day.

Q.  Where did you watch the last inning and what was going through your mind as things were transpiring?

JUSTIN VERLANDER:  I was in the dugout and I was just hoping to get some outs.  Obviously once they get second and third, nobody out, you're hoping they don't score.  And then they had a double, and then you're hoping to just take it to extra innings so you have a chance to win.

Q.  Obviously a different mindset going into your start tomorrow from usually when you have four days to prepare.  How are you, how will the mindset be, what do you think going into tomorrow?

JUSTIN VERLANDER:  Well, you know, I'm going to try to treat it like another start, kind of like the last start, as much as I can.  Obviously it's a big game for us.  But like I said, this team's been resilient and we allowed ourself to be in this position.  We won the first two games at home.  You know it's not easy to play here.  So we put ourselves in a position where we just need to win one.  Whatever game that is, doesn't matter.  So hopefully it's the fifth one.

Q.  How would you describe the way that you feel about the responsibility in a decisive Game 5?

JUSTIN VERLANDER:  You know, I feel like it's about the same as the responsibility in Game 1.  Obviously it's win or go home.  But it's the same feeling for Game 1.  So obviously I'm not going to change my mentality.  I'm not going to try to do anything more than what I've done all year.

Q.  Valverde has been so great for you guys, what was your thought as you were watching things unravel in the 9th inning?

JUSTIN VERLANDER:  You know, like I said, just hoping to get some outs.  Valverde has been great for us, and that's the nature of it.  Those things happen.  Obviously you don't want it to happen on a night like tonight, but it did.  Turn the page and get ready for tomorrow.

Q.  Sorry if this is a repeat question.  You've talked all year about backs against the wall.  Is this the essence of that?

JUSTIN VERLANDER:  Yeah, we've in essence been there the last month of the season.  We beat the White Sox when we had to beat them.

Tomorrow is another game that we have to win, obviously.  I've got faith in our guys and we'll go out there and see what happens.