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Oct. 10 Zack Greinke postgame interview

Q. Take us through your start today and specifically the couple home runs in the one inning?
ZACK GREINKE: I felt good starting the game off and was making a lot of good pitches. Then Cespedes I thought I was still making pretty good pitches and wasn't like not what I was trying to do, but it wasn't perfect either. Just did a good job of hitting and got a home run out of it. Hit the ball well, and he's dangerous.

So there's not really anything that you can guarantee it's going to work. I'll take my chances in that spot. Just he did a good job on it. I made a really bad pitch to Conforto, and he did what he should. I mean, that was probably the biggest mistake of the game for me. Besides that, I pitched all right. Threw more off speed than normal because they were hitting my fastball, so I was trying out something else, and the off speed was working.

Q. In the years you've been around Adrian, when you watch him, I think he had six strikeouts his first seven at-bats. Do you worry the all, or do you think he's like a metronome? He'll be out of it fine or does he start driving in runs like he always does?
ZACK GREINKE: I guess, I mean, if it was like a three-week span where he was struggling, maybe you'd be a little worried, but that doesn't happen very often. Right now if you just two games, I mean, I would think from both teams he'd be the first guy everyone would want up in an RBI situation, including their team and our team. He's just the best at it. I think he got an RBI yesterday too. His one hit was RBI. So he's just that type of hitter.

Q. On Chase's slide, how big of a momentum shifter do you think that was? Also, did you think it was a clean play?
ZACK GREINKE: I'm sorry. I don't really want to talk about it. I try to just not get involved in confrontation anymore.

Q. Just the pitch to Conforto, a changeup, sinker?
ZACK GREINKE: No, I went fastball in, and just the first time I went in just barely missed my spot and it was a ball, and then was going back in again, and just went back pretty. It wasn't quite right down the middle, but it was like it caught a lot of the plate.

Q. What was it?
ZACK GREINKE: A fastball.

Q. When you gave up the second home run, is your emotional reaction like we're down 2-0 now and we're losing in this series or are you more focused just on the pitch that you feel you didn't execute?
ZACK GREINKE: Instantly it was just bad execution thinking. Then afterwards it was kind of like I -- I mean, I knew I could keep him there. I didn't know if I would, but I was like just keep him there. The way things were going, it was like maybe it's too late. Two runs could be too late. But I think we've played a great game all the way around. It just, it was a really good game and came back.

Q. As you're walking off the mound there in the 7th inning, you guys are obviously down at that point. Did it cross your mind at all that that could have been your last game here with the Dodgers?
ZACK GREINKE: Not really. I mean, when you're out there you're not thinking about those things. I mean, maybe in a regular season game when your team's not going to make the playoffs, you might think that. But a playoff game you're just trying to win the game and not thinking about other things like that.