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Oct. 11 David Robertson pregame interview

Q. As a pitcher maybe you can explain why it seems to be every year postseason is predominantly pitching dominated, high scoring games are not nearly the norm in the postseason?

DAVID ROBERTSON:  I wouldn't necessarily say that every single postseason game is like that.  You know, pitching in the postseason is a lot different than pitching in the regular season.  You can't afford to make any mistakes.  Guys are really, really focused when they're out there, and they're trying to make quality pitches.  Over and over again, they're thinking pitch to pitch, not further into the game, and I think that's what makes a difference in the postseason.

Q.  We just found out that Joe's father had passed away over the weekend.  Can you just let us know if you guys were aware of that situation, and just kind of what you feel like he's been going through.

DAVID ROBERTSON:  Honestly I didn't notice anything was wrong with him today.  I only seen him for a few minutes.  I just saw it come on the TV a few minutes ago.  No one told us.  It's a tragedy.  But he said he's going to be here tonight, so we'll try to win.

Q.  What do you think is the overall mindset of this club tonight as you try to close it out?

DAVID ROBERTSON:  I think it's just try to put good at bats together, pitch well, and just stay in the game, stay in the moment.  When you get an opportunity to score runs, score runs.  When you get an opportunity to get a big out, get a big out.  You've just got to grind it out with these guys and hope that you get a win.  We've played a lot of tight ballgames with Baltimore this year, and that just seems to be the way this season is going with them.

Q.  How important is it for you guys to close it out tonight so you have Sabathia for the opener in the ALCS rather than have to use him in Game 5 and the possible ripple effects on using the bullpen?

DAVID ROBERTSON:  I think it would be big if we could pull out a win tonight because it's going to give our bullpen arms a chance to rest, and it's going to give CC the right amount to time to get ready for Game 1.

You know, a couple days here and there helps a lot when you're talking about pitchers.

Q.  At the same time is there sort of a, I guess, safety cushion there or like a nice fallback if you need him for Game 5?

DAVID ROBERTSON:  Yeah, if we go to Game 5, CC is going to take the mound, I guess.  It's do or die right there, you've got to win that ballgame.  Try to win tonight, and if it doesn't work that way, get ready for Game 5.

Q.  Just looking at the roster of this team, how different does it feel than the team that won it all in 2009?

DAVID ROBERTSON:  It doesn't feel really different.  We're in the same spot we were in in 2009.  We might have had a sweep in the Division Series in 2009, but every season is different.  We're playing a tough opponent right now in the Baltimore Orioles.  You win this series, you go to the next one.  You never know how it's going to be in the next series and how it might go for us.  You've just got to try to grind it out and try to win a ballgame.

Q.  A followup to what I asked before about pitching being more dominant in the postseason, do you guys have more extensive scouting reports, too, in the postseason than you do during the regular season?

DAVID ROBERTSON:  I wouldn't really say that we have a different scouting report.  We are going off of how the season is going along with this team.  We're trying to stay away from power zones on some of their hitters, and it's really nothing changes.  It's just a matter of making the right pitch at the right time, not going in to face a hitter and not knowing what to throw.  You need to be prepared for what you're going to do when you get out there.  Nothing has really changed.

Q.  As a student and fan of the game, have you been able to enjoy this type of postseason?  Are you too focused on your own work to be able to?

DAVID ROBERTSON:  No, of course you enjoy the postseason.  This is what we play baseball for.  That is where we want to be.  Everybody wants to play in the postseason, everybody wants to win in the postseason.  You enjoy the game, especially when you're winning.  When you're losing it's not so much fun.  But when you're out there, you're focused, but at the same time you're having fun.  I mean, it's a game we love to play.