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Oct. 15 Don Mattingly postgame interview

Q. Daniel Murphy's had a few good games in this series before today. The fact that he had some success against Zack, had some success against Clayton, does it kind of feel like they beat your guys?
DON MATTINGLY: That what? Say the last part of that?

Q. Does it kind of feel like they beat your studs?
DON MATTINGLY: Well, they definitely -- they had to beat Zack in the series, and they had to beat Clayton in the series. Daniel was a tough out all series. He's always to me been a guy that's been a tough out. Pretty much hits everybody's fastball. You've just got to kind of keep him off stride and get the ball in certain spots. Get in fastball counts with him and you know you're in trouble.

Q. On that walk when you had that defensive shift, who was supposed to be covering third base?
DON MATTINGLY: That's probably Corey there. He's on that side. Whoever's on that side. Obviously, we don't shift a ton, but it's probably his responsibility there. It's probably all of our responsibility as far as guys on the field about kind of talking about that, making sure that we know. I think we know on the hit that the catcher's going and Zack's going home, but with the walk, obviously that guy's going. I think Corey's on that side, he's got to stay over there.

But really we should all be kind of, as far as on the field, be kind of communicating get to third, get to third. So just a breakdown right there.

Q. So many chances early, talk about the frustration of that?
DON MATTINGLY: Yeah, yeah, we jump out there for two in the first and have guys out there and don't really scratch anything across. That always scares you in a game, and you hope it doesn't come back to haunt you later in the game that if you don't leave some runs out there that he had a chance to get. Yeah, we weren't able to go after that. DeGrom did a nice job of getting out of some trouble a number of times, but we had the pressure on him.

Q. National TV caught Andre and you having an exchange in the dugout. Will you talk about that at all?
DON MATTINGLY: There was nothing there other than he was mad about the ump's call that he missed the call in there, and I was trying to settle him down. I didn't want him thrown out of the game, and Andre's pretty emotional. It was nothing more than trying to settle him down.

Q. So he wasn't yelling at you?
DON MATTINGLY: No, I mean, I didn't take it like that at all. I'm just trying to settle him down. He's maybe yelling at me because I'm trying to settle him down, but it was nothing between us.

Q. Did deGrom surprise you at all? He was able to go to his off speed stuff it seemed like in big situations.
DON MATTINGLY: Not really. We know once easy one time through he's pretty much going to challenge. They have a couple of their young guys that pitch like that. They're going to establish their fastball, and then they get to their off speed. They use all their pitches, and I think that's what makes them really good is because Syndergaard, Harvey, deGrom, all those guys use their off speed.

So they're not just going to come out there and pump fastballs for you all day long. They're going to use their fastball and establish it, but they make you hit off speed stuff.

DeGrom's pitched really good. Thought we did a pretty good job getting to him, but when he needed those outs it seemed like he was able to run the fastball up there enough to get us going and use that change to be able to finish us off.

Q. Justin Turner, for you guys, set the franchise record for doubles in a series. He hit over .500. Can you talk about his series?
DON MATTINGLY: Oh, he was great. Even down a run there I think he just misses that first fastball. But he swung the bat really well. He's swung the bat really well for us since he came over. He's a guy that obviously he knows what he's doing, and he's been doing this for us, obviously, the last couple of years, so really good.

Q. Where does this loss leave you for you in terms of next year coming back?
DON MATTINGLY: Seriously, you're asking me that now?

Q. Uh-huh.
DON MATTINGLY: Go ahead, Katy.

Q. Given your expectations, can you talk about the disappointment of tonight?
DON MATTINGLY: It's disappointing. I don't think it matters what it is. It's just disappointing. That's what I told the guys in there. There are really no words to describe how you feel right now. You come to Spring Training, you work all winter, you scratch, you fight, all year long to get into this situation and you have a chance. It comes to a crash. It doesn't matter if you expect it or whatever, we played three rookies tonight, so it's not like we're firing out whatever. But it's disappointing no matter what the situation is. You work too hard. You put in too many hours. You travel, you do things that guys go through to get here is extraordinary, and it comes to a crash and you can't -- I don't think there is anyway to soften that blow.