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Oct. 18 Delmon Young postgame interview

Q.  Delmon, just as we asked the last couple of days, but with Prince and Miguel slow to get out of the gates, how fortunate do you feel you got hot at this time and helped pick up the offense?

DELMON YOUNG:  The offense, you know, our pitching carried us throughout the whole playoffs, so we didn't need to go out there and score five, six runs every game to win the ballgame.  With the zeros they were putting up, one to two runs with them was a lot because they were hot going into every game and pitching deep into the ballgames.

Q.  Delmon, talk a little bit about the way you guys sweep the Yankees, you never trailed in any of the games.  What does it mean?  What kind of accomplishment is that for you guys?

DELMON YOUNG:  It was good because you really don't want to get the series extended, because anything can happen.  And with the way our starting four pitchers pitched, made it pretty easy for us.

Q.  Delmon, if you can go back to last year.  You don't get it done last year.  Go back to what your mindset was when it was over against Texas and now getting it done and going to the World Series.

DELMON YOUNG:  Just that we all gained experience by playing together.  To get game time in New York and going down to play a hot Texas team, we just knew if we had another opportunity, that we would have a better shot at it this year.

Q.  What is it like to be going to the World Series, Delmon?

DELMON YOUNG:  It's great, you know.  As a child growing up, your dream's always winning the Game 7 in the World Series, walk‑off hit.

So it's fun knowing you get to go there, and especially my childhood dream was playing shortstop next to Chipper Jones, trying to beat the Yankees in the World Series.