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Oct. 2: Nelson Cruz postgame interview

MODERATOR: Questions for Nelson Cruz.

Q. Nelson, obviously it was such a close game there until the eighth inning, what was that like? What was the vibe in the dugout that was going on during that inning?

NELSON CRUZ: Like any other innings, we try to battle and get runners on. After Scherzer got out, you know, we pretty much tried to know what was coming, figure it out, and we brought our bats and clutch hit.

Q. You've been a great hitter in the postseason. Is there any particular reason for it?

NELSON CRUZ: I don't think so. It's just I like to enjoy this moment, you know. I think as a player, you want to be in the situation. And, you know, it's no reason. I like to enjoy it.

Q. Nelson, you know the spotlight in the postseason is different. How important was it for you to get that home run early on and get the collective butterflies in the dugout out of there?

NELSON CRUZ: It's huge. Anytime you get the lead early, especially Chris Tillman to get that lead early, he was able to shut it down and throw a pretty good five innings after that. After that, we were happy to go to the bullpen.

Q. What is it about the Detroit Tigers' uniform that brings out the beast in you?

NELSON CRUZ: I mean, I just tried to play like any other team. It's nothing against the Tigers' or any other team, just try to do my job.

Q. You played a number of playoff teams now obviously. Is there anything in particular about this Orioles team that gives you the feeling that you're built for a deep run into the playoffs?

NELSON CRUZ: No doubt, I think we're built to play good defense. We also got great pitchers and one of the best bullpens in the league. So late in the game, if we got the lead, we got a pretty good chance to win games.

Q. Nelson, what was it like tonight with that crowd? Basically from the moment you were introduce and when they yelled "Cruz," they were loud and into it. How much did that help you early on into the game?

NELSON CRUZ: Like Buck say, if you don't feel that, you kinda dead! (Laughter.)

It's amazing to feel the energy of the crowd bringing into the stadium. As a player, you want to be in that situation, in that spotlight. So no doubt they would bring that energy every game that we play here.