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Oct. 20 Chris Carpenter workout day interview

Q. You said last game you didn't think your fastball command was right there. Coming back from what you've come back from, where are you now in relation to kind of the vintage Chris Carpenter and is there stuff that the mind wants to do but the body isn't quite there yet?

CHRIS CARPENTER: Yeah, I mean, there's no question. But I feel, like I said before, I feel like my stuff is getting better each time out and I was able to go out and compete.

The last time out my stuff went backwards a little bit. And then my command wasn't very good, and I was trying everything I could to get outs, but just unfortunately didn't work.

So I had some nice work in between that start and this start and I feel good and I'm looking forward to going back out there.

Q. You pitched in two clinchers last year in the Division Series and the World Series. Tomorrow has that opportunity to be, but it's not an elimination game like those were. I'm wondering if it's all the same or if there's a palpable difference when you have the edge as opposed to being on the brink?

CHRIS CARPENTER: I don't think so. Again, I think knowing we have to win one game, we knew that going into yesterday's game. So and I said before it doesn't matter if you're on the road, what game it is, it's the first one to win four games and hopefully we can do that tomorrow.

Q. I don't know if you remember much of Vogelsong when he was at the Pirates. As a guy who's made some comebacks yourself, any impression of what it means for him to come back?

CHRIS CARPENTER: Yeah, he's obviously made great strides and I'm happy for him. In Pittsburgh he had a great arm with good stuff, but couldn't put it altogether over there. And it's been good to see him come back and do what he's doing. It's always tough, but some guys learn a little later than others, and he's definitely put it together and doing a great job now.

Q. What was the flight like back out here? Certainly you guys probably weren't this wasn't the preference, but your manager said you also know what this Giants team is all about and they've come back before.

CHRIS CARPENTER: Yeah, no question. We knew that going into yesterday. They did that in Cincinnati.

The flight was fine. We hopped on it and got out here in good time and everybody's looking forward to tomorrow night.

Q. Bottom of the order for your team has been very tough. Will you talk about the Giants and what their three left handers at the end of their lineup, what kind of problems they create?

CHRIS CARPENTER: Yeah, the thing about the Giants' lineup, you can talk about the bottom, the middle, the top, they all put tough at bats against you. And those guys at the bottom are going to continue to do that, too, and they have all series. You've got to make pitches. When you get those guys on in front of the guys in the middle they're going to do damage. So you've got to get them all and make pitches to them all because they all throw quality at bats on you.

Q. We were talking before the game last night about what had most defined the series. I don't know if it's something you think about or not. But for you what has been the most powerful element of the series so far? The bullpen is doing very good, the rotation, varying links, just wondered what stood out most about this series so far?

CHRIS CARPENTER: Pretty good competition between two pretty good teams. And like I said about offense, they grind them out. But we all have good pitching, too. And we go out and compete, the bullpens are good on both sides. It's been a great competition so far is what I think.

Q. You had some wiggle room with a two game lead. But with what this team has done before, is there any sense of urgency to get it done sooner rather than later, get it done in Game 6?

CHRIS CARPENTER: No question, we want to win it as soon as we can. We wanted to do it last night.

But, again, we have to get one win before they get two. We'll do whatever we can. If it's not tomorrow night we'll come in and do it again.