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Oct. 28 Johnny Cueto postgame interview

Q. You are one of the first Dominican pitchers to complete a game in the World Series. In 1981, Fernando Valenzuela was the last Latin pitcher in the Major League to do it. How do you feel after this game?

JOHNNY CUETO: I want to thank God for this opportunity and this outcome and it's a lot of pride being able to do what I did out there today and do it for all of the Dominican.

Q. I know you and Eddie are great friends. How much inspiration did you get yesterday from what he did, and what he was going through with the passing of his father, and what effect did that have on you today getting ready?

JOHNNY CUETO: It was a very sad day for me yesterday. And there was a lot of focus on my part. I dedicated that game to Volquez's dad and the whole family, and thank God it turned out that way.

Q. What's it like when 40,000 people are cheering your name? And how special is it to pitch here at home?

JOHNNY CUETO: A lot of pride, a lot of energy I get from our fans. I feel great when I hear our fans, just supporting me and backing me in these type of situations.

Q. It was pretty clear when they traded for you that they thought you were the last piece to the puzzle here to possibly win a World Series. With that in mind, what does it mean to pitch this well in your first World Series game?

JOHNNY CUETO: That's what they brought me here for was to help win a World Series. And that's what I've worked for and I dedicate this type of outing to my peers, to the organization, to the staff and everyone involved.

Q. Which performance was better, this game or Game 5 of the Division Series?

JOHNNY CUETO: Game 5 of the Division Series, because obviously if we don't win that game, we're not here to experience this.

Q. As it clearly became apparent that your stuff was good tonight, how did your confidence grow to the point that you were trying to push Ned Yost to go back out in the 9?th. And then when you had three on the board how did it feel to step back out on the 9th?

JOHNNY CUETO: As the game -- the longer the game goes the stronger I get. I loosen up, I feel strong. Thank God Ned told him if we score a couple runs in the 8th I would go out. And thank God we were able to do that and I got the opportunity to close this game out.

Q. What was it like going back out there in the ninth inning? It looked like you almost danced out at the dugout and across the line.

JOHNNY CUETO: I felt good. I felt relaxed and I knew I had a 7-1 lead and I had to just attack the hitters.

Q. One of your teammates said they felt really good for you to be able to bounce back from the Toronto game with this performance. How did you feel coming out with this type of performance in this game?

JOHNNY CUETO: It's great to hear that my teammates are backing me and they're thinking the way they're thinking. Never once did I ever think that the whole club wasn't behind me. I've had everyone's support here since I've been here.