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Oct. 3 Adrian Gonzalez postgame interview

Q. Just talk about the home run. Were you looking for a changeup first?

ADRIAN GONZALEZ: Yeah, it was just a situation like that, two out, nobody on, I figured he was going to pitch me tough. My best chance was to get something off speed for a strike. I was able to get a first pitch and just able to put a good swing on it.

Q. All season guys in the lineup have pitched in. Tonight you hit the home run, but a lot of their guys, what's it been like just next man up all season for you guys?

ADRIAN GONZALEZ: Yeah, we have a lineup that's deep. We work the count well. So when we're at our best, that's what we're doing it as a whole. I think that's our game plan for the entire postseason is to do it as a whole, and nobody go out there and try to do too much with anything.

Q. In a five game series just talk about not only winning the first game but winning the first game on the road, the importance of that.

ADRIAN GONZALEZ: It's huge. First game, like you said, it's huge in a five game series, definitely put a lot of pressure on the other team there, and it's real big for sure. That's a definite.