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Oct. 3 Eric Hosmer postgame interview

Q. Is there a way to sort of put in perspective what you're feeling in that moment when you see the ball disappear?

ERIC HOSMER: Just to have the opportunity to come up right there. Hat's off to our bullpen, our pitching, keeping us in the whole playoffs. Just knew I got a good swing on it, and it felt good. It's a sign of relief. Those games have been back and forth the whole playoffs for us.

So it's a huge sigh of relief, and it's a big swing for the guys and it was a big win tonight.

Q. What kind of lift did the Dyson play give you guys?

ERIC HOSMER: Huge. That was a big‑time play. He gave us a lot of momentum and gave the team and really woke the guys up. Anytime you make a big play like that it definitely shifts the momentum to our dugout. It was a good baseball play all around. It was aggressive by Cowgill to try to take that extra base, and that's what these guys do.

Dyson put a great throw right there and Mous to get on the short hop and make a great tag. That was just all‑around a great baseball play.

Q. If you think about it going back to this whole building program with the Royals. You and Mous talk as were kind of the original poster boys. What does it mean to enjoy this kind of run and to have the big home runs to win the game?

ERIC HOSMER: I think that's what the cool part of this run has been. Everyone's had their time, they've had their moment when they've made a big play or stepped up and did something big. A lot of the times it was with our back against the wall. Most of the time it was with our season on the line.

We've had some guys that have stepped up, some young guys that have stepped up and really have gotten the job done for us. Whether it's short rest or whether it's getting in there to steal a bag in a high‑pressure situation, it's really these games have been full team efforts.

Q. Three games in a row like this that you guys have won. What's it feel like to be able to do that? To get the wins, tough wins, one after another?

ERIC HOSMER: We're just grinding them out right now. I mean, like I said, our bullpen, our pitching have been keeping us in this whole entire playoff. It will be nice to try to get a lead for these guys so they don't have to throw such stressful pitches every inning. These guys are battling for us. Offensively we're battling too. We're getting big hits with guys on. Gourde owe got the big hit there in the first inning to put us ahead.

We get the one, and we've just got to find a way to get more insurance runs and give these guys some breathing room and not make every inning to so stressful for these guys.

Q. How hard was it for you to stay patient this season as the power numbers weren't coming at first? Were there any signs leading up to the playoffs that you thought that this sort of thing was coming for you?

ERIC HOSMER: The main thing for me was once I got off the DL, I was on the DL for about a month there just right after the second half started. From that point on, when I got put on the DL it was basically you take the positives from it. That's getting to the field every day, working hard, making sure your body is in shape because 162 games is a long, grueling season. A lot of guys have been playing every day.

So for me I just took the positives of it and just realized I can get myself stronger, get myself in good shape for this run. If anything, it's kind of a little jump start to not really but take the month off, be on the DL, get your body in shape, rehab the hand and get the timing back. As far as my body and all that, everything's feeling great, so that's something I looked at when I was on the DL.

Q. Rod said something to the effect of he knows that no one really picked this team to win this series or maybe be in the playoffs. How much of that has been a motivating factor here?

ERIC HOSMER: It's been real motivating for us. It's a bunch of group of guys in there that believe that we can do it. We don't listen. We honestly don't care what other people are saying. We're just going to grind it through and we're battling. I know teams right now don't want to face us.

We're tough to put away. I know we're going to be battling until the last out, but it's fun. It's fun to be the underdog. It's fun to realize and go out there and play and you don't have anything to lose and just let it all on the line.