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Oct. 5 Hyun-Jin Ryu workout day interview

Q. I understand you threw a bullpen session yesterday in Atlanta. What was the reason for the bullpen session, and how did you feel afterward?

Hyun‑Jin Ryu:  Actually, I feel really good right now. My goal is just to get my body ready to be able to go out there and win, and take the lead of the series.

Q. So there is no reason for concern? There is nothing to read into that bullpen session?

Hyun‑Jin Ryu:  No, not at all. Typically, when I rest longer than normal, I always squeeze in a bullpen in there just to make sure that my body is responding the way I want it to.

Q. This season you've given up 17 earned runs in the first inning. You seem to have a little bit of a tendency to be a slow starter in games. Is that any concern for you? Is there anything you've done to try to change that?

Hyun‑Jin Ryu:  Yeah, it's funny, but I never actually try to go out there and give up runs in the first inning. It's just the way it happens. It's out of my control. Yes, I will be a little extra nervous tomorrow because it is the Postseason, but as I do every game, I take the mound trying to win and trying to pitch the best I can.

Q. Can you confirm ‑‑ you threw a bullpen earlier this year before a start in September because you had a long layoff, right?

Hyun‑Jin Ryu:  No, it's not my first time. I've pitched a bullpen. Actually, every time I've rested longer than six days.

Q. Is there any reason that you would think you would not start tomorrow?

Hyun‑Jin Ryu:  No, I'll be starting tomorrow.

Q. You've pitched some big games in your home country, obviously. Where does this rank on the pressure meter for you?

Hyun‑Jin Ryu:  Yeah, I can't really say how big of a game tomorrow is compared to my other games. Every big game is a big game. But obviously, considering my Major League status tomorrow it's a very important game for me.

Q. Yesterday your manager and A.J. Ellis  mentioned your relationship with Juan Uribe . Can you talk a little about that friendship that you guys have together?

Hyun‑Jin Ryu:  Yeah, I consider him a good friend and a good colleague. I think our common ground is we have a similar sense of humor. He doesn't take things too seriously, so I can joke around with him. And he has such a good personality that it was easy for me to become such close friends with him.

Q. You've mentioned after the last start here last Sunday that you wanted to see Game 1 and Game 2 and see the intensity level of the Postseason before you could comment about how serious or what is so different about the Postseason. Now that you've experienced two games in Atlanta, can you tell us what's the biggest difference between the Postseason and the regular season?

Hyun‑Jin Ryu:  Obviously, the first two games of the Postseason I experienced were both in Atlanta, so my first comment is that being on the road during the Postseason, it gets really loud and they cheer for their home team a lot. Therefore, I'm pretty excited about tomorrow. I can't wait to see what our fans are going to act like when we take the mound tomorrow. But I think I prefer that I'm pitching here at home because I'm more comfortable here at Dodgers Stadium.

Q. After seeing Kershaw and Greinke pitch games one and two with a strong Atlanta lineup, are there any players in the Atlanta lineup that you want to pay special attention to?

Hyun‑Jin Ryu:  Obviously, Atlanta is a great team, and you have to be careful of batters 1 all the way through 9, so I can't really comment on which specific player.

But for me, personally, I think tomorrow my control of my pitch is going to be the decision maker, I think.

Q. Who, if anybody, is a more famous athlete than you right now in South Korea?

Hyun‑Jin Ryu:  There's a lot.

Q. Do you think it can help motivate you and maybe provide a little bit of extra energy knowing what an important game this is for your homeland and the number of people who will be watching, and how significant it is to have a South Korean pitcher start a Postseason game?

Hyun‑Jin Ryu:  That's a fact; you can't deny it. It's a huge motivation to know that an entire country's going to be watching the game. But equally important is the fans here at Dodger Stadium and the Korean community here. I understand there are going to be a lot of them coming out tomorrow, but it's a big encouragement for me.

Q. Just to go back to that bullpen session one last time. I think the concern wasn't just that he threw it, but apparently you threw it under the eye of Don Mattingly and Dr. Neal. If he's 100% okay, what was the reason they were down there watching?

Hyun‑Jin Ryu:  There wasn't any specific reason. It was just to make sure that I could take the mound tomorrow. I was scheduled to take the mound tomorrow a couple days ago, and I think they were just there to check it out.

Q. Do you have any special thoughts about the fact that you'll be the first Korean born pitcher to start a Postseason game?

Hyun‑Jin Ryu:  No, I mean, it's an interesting fact. But for me, it doesn't add any pressure or take away anything. For me, I am here with this team and my job is to go out there and try to win for this team.