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Oct. 5 Masahiro Tanaka workout day interview

THE MODERATOR: Shingo Horie will translate for Masahiro Tanaka.

Q. Is this what you came to New York for, to pitch in such a game like this in the postseason? Is this why you came to New York, to pitch in such a game in the postseason with all the bright lights and everything?

MASAHIRO TANAKA: Yes, one of the biggest reasons.

Q. You pitched before in big games in the postseason, do you think it will be the same?

MASAHIRO TANAKA: As far as the intensity of the game, I think it should be pretty much the same. But obviously MLB is a little bit more bigger than the professional baseball in Japan.

So maybe the lights might be a little more brighter.

Q. You pitched in Houston back in June. What do you remember about the game, and what did you learn about their lineup?

MASAHIRO TANAKA: Obviously I remember it not being a good one, a good outing. But I do remember that I wasn't at my best during that particular time. So this time around it's going to be different.

Q. The news on CC, what was your reaction? And does it put any pressure on you as you pitch this game?

MASAHIRO TANAKA: Didn't know anything about it, so it was a bit of a surprise. But as a teammate, if he needs any support from me, I'm willing to give 100 percent of that. And for tomorrow, not just for the team but maybe we can get the win for CC as well.

Q. Brian McCann's caught you a lot more than John Ryan Murphy. What are your observations about Murphy as a catcher?

MASAHIRO TANAKA: I think he's a really good catcher. Even though he's, you know, still pretty young I feel that he's a very good catcher.

Q. Why do you think he's so good at shutting down the running game and how important do you think that is in baseball?

MASAHIRO TANAKA: For me it's not doing anything special. I played that way since I was a little kid back in Japan, so it's kind of normal to me. And I guess the important thing is you never want to give easy bases to the opponent and so that's important.

Q. You said last time you faced the Astros things didn't go so well but they'll be different this time. Why will they be different this time?

MASAHIRO TANAKA: Obviously I can't go into much detail about the other team without going into the game tomorrow, but all I can say is that I should be able to tell everybody [inaudible] last time out.

Q. What challenges does the Astros lineup present?

MASAHIRO TANAKA: Obviously need to be cautious because they have a good lineup. They're young and exciting players and I think they put a lot of good swings on the bat. So I need to be cautious.