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Oct. 6 Anibal Sanchez workout day interview

Q. Did you fly back here ahead of the team, and how much do you think that will help the transition from the West Coast games late night to an early day game here tomorrow?

ANIBAL SANCHEZ: Yeah, I flew yesterday before the game, 11 West time. So I think I got pretty good rest. So something the team do for me. And I feel better right now. I just rest pretty good at home today, and tomorrow I'm going to get another good rest, and I think that's going to help me.

Q. When you were a free agent, obviously you had a lot of choices to go. Is this why you came back to Detroit, just for this postseason, knowing that you had a chance to win a World Series ring?

ANIBAL SANCHEZ: Yeah. When I take the decision for back to this team is because like here, they gave me a good opportunity to be here, and I know everybody, the players, the front office and everybody. So I feel comfortable here. And even I know we've got a pretty good team and a chance to get at the World Series.

But at the end we need to fight it. We need to keep working. We need to keep winning, so we need ten more games to be there, and I'm happy for that situation right now.

Q. It's obviously got to be some frustration, though, on the Tigers pitching staff throwing those kind of shutout innings and not getting much run support. Can you comment about what goes through the team's mind there when they can't get that kind of support?

ANIBAL SANCHEZ: Yeah, we've got a pretty good team, like I said. And the run support, it's part of the game. The pitcher would have to concentrate, and pretty good games, keep the score close and keep the team, get at a chance for winning.

I know the hitting, they want to do the best they can. But we have to give sometimes credit to the other pitcher. I saw the game last night on TV. Gray, he threw a pretty good game. So there's no question about it. I think tomorrow is another day and everything start over again.

Q. Can you talk about the atmosphere you expect starting game three tomorrow here, sold out Comerica Park. Afternoon start. I gotta believe it's going to be a mad house.

ANIBAL SANCHEZ: Tomorrow it's a day game. I like to work early so that's why I flew yesterday. Tomorrow I'll feel really comfortable. So the previous games against that team, they have a pretty good game, the lead off guys. And I need to concentrate and throw my first pitch for strike. And I get the leadoff out and do everything I've been doing the whole season.

Q. How big of a game is this for the Tigers tomorrow as far as being tied 1 1? And it seems like nobody can afford to get down 2 1.

ANIBAL SANCHEZ: Tomorrow is a challenging game. We need it here again. We need this win. We need to hang on that situation because if we're ahead, we're going to feel more comfortable for the next game. So tomorrow we need to come early and try to get some runs, and I'm going to do the best I can, try to be aggressive from the beginning.

Q. How much of a difference is it from last year where you're going to Oakland up 2 0 as opposed to coming back home 1 1? Is there any noticeable difference in that?

ANIBAL SANCHEZ: I think in that situation, the short series, it's a challenge. You have to win. You don't have to think about it. If we are ahead 2-1, 2-0, I think we need to win it. Win games and make another series. I always say in playoffs, it's day by day. We don't need to think about the whole series. I think tomorrow we'll need a hit first. We need a key win and a good game tomorrow.

Q. How much can you take from what you saw from Oakland hitters when they were here in August. I know it seemed like they fouled off a lot of pitches, ran up your pitch count up early. Is that something you take in to mind when you approach from here, or are the playoffs just a different type of game where you can't really draw much from previous outings?

ANIBAL SANCHEZ: Yeah, we don't see too much about the series against the A's here at home. I know they come here, really crazy in that series. They hit a lot of bunts. Guys for them for me -- they play good baseball at that time. And they continue to play really good. And that's why they won the division.

I saw in the previous game, still the same type of team that we need to concentrate in every pitch and every situation, because they can make a good rally. Especially that team, they never get down. So we need 27 outs now for win.

Q. What's it like watching that game last night? Were you watching it by yourself? Were you sitting at home pacing? What is that like?

ANIBAL SANCHEZ: No, I wasn't at home last night when I watched the game. I saw every situation. I pushed for the team.

It's like even watching I watching outside the TV, I feel like I was there. You know, so I'm still watching it on TV. I think it's more for like get some rest for tomorrow.

Q. This pitching staff, everybody always talks about Verlander and Scherzer this year, but do you kind of like being underrated, flying under the radar like you have most of your career, let alone this year?

ANIBAL SANCHEZ: Yeah. This year, I just tried to keep to the level of those guys. Throw really a good game. They have a really good season. For me, I got my job. And every five days, I try at that point throw a really good game. Especially learning a lot last year, my pitch in every situation, getting ahead on the count and using my pitch in all the time, every count. And that's all year.

I just got one issue the middle of the season with my shoulder, but it's something like it's gone right now, and I'm healthy. And tomorrow is another day. And right now we're, like I say, in the off season -- the postseason, and the season is over, we need to focus on the next day.

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