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Oct. 6 Carl Crawford postgame interview

Q. I know you were very disappointed at your production at the plate in Game 2. So this more than made up for it. This is one of those dream nights for you, wasn't it?

CARL CRAWFORD:  Yeah, pretty much. I had a good night at the plate. You know, drove in some runs, struggled in Game 2.

So it was nice to be able to come back and bounce back and have a strong outing tonight.

Q. The Dodgers had a pretty good lead and when you went for that foul ball and found the stands, were you thinking you didn't need to do that or you wanted to win?

CARL CRAWFORD:  I honestly didn't think the ball was going to the stands. It kept floating, it seemed like. I didn't see the wall coming. Next thing you know, I felt my feet coming from up under me, and I felt myself flipping over. So good thing is I held on to the ball. So that's all that matters.

Q. What do you think about the way you've seen Hanley? I know you've seen it all season, but he seems to have kicked it even into another gear for the playoffs. Can you talk about that?

CARL CRAWFORD:  Yeah, he's been getting clutch hits for us all year, getting big hits for us and playing extremely well. So it's been a joy to watch him play. You know, it's even more impressive to see him do it during the playoffs. So I just hope he keeps it up and we can ride his coattail all the way to the World Series.

Q. Talk about the emotion of the team and coming back home after a road loss, just coming back with a business‑like attitude? I heard a lot of discussion before the game that you guys were very focused and just very business-like. So talk about the emotion of coming back home to play in front of the home crowd here?

CARL CRAWFORD:  Well, we lost that game 4‑3, a close game. Guys were unhappy with the way they played, so we wanted to get back to playing the way we did the first game. We knew it was going to be at home in front of our home crowd, and we were going to have some extra energy for that.

So, like you said, we just wanted it to be businesslike, and come out and take care of business. Hopefully we can like wrap it up while we're here at home.

Q. Where does that home run rank for you?

CARL CRAWFORD:  That's, you know, all playoff home runs are big for me. That's definitely a big one for me to take the lead right there and get the team some momentum going into the rest of the game. It was huge for us. That was at a point in the game where we could have fell back and gotten into a big hole. It was good to hit that home run right there.

Q. How's your back feeling after taking that tumble into the stands there?

CARL CRAWFORD:  I'm on all kinds of medication right now, so I won't feel it until tomorrow. I'll have an answer for you by tomorrow (laughing).

Q. What was the pitch you hit for the homer?

CARL CRAWFORD:  I think it was a slider. If I can remember correctly, I think it was a slider I hit out.

Q. Is that what you were looking for?

CARL CRAWFORD:  No, I wasn't looking for it, just trying to get a base hit. I'm always looking for a fastball, so I was able to make the adjustment to it and hit it out the park.