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Oct. 6 Don Mattingly postgame interview

Q. What's the most satisfying part of the victory besides the victory? What pleases you more?

DON MATTINGLY:  It's really the win. That's what you show up for here today. There's really nothing we're trying to do but that.

Q. The game seemed to change when Capuano came in and started shutting down the Braves. Can you talk about that?

DON MATTINGLY:  Obviously, Cappie (Capuano) is really good for us, right on time. A lot of stuff happened early. By the time we got to him it felt like it was a long game already at that point. I think, what is it? It's the 4‑2, and then by the time we get to him, it's like we just need to settle the game down. He gave us those three innings there to kind of get us to the back end of the bullpen. So he kind of basically just put the game in order.

Q. Did Ryu just have trouble settling in, or is there something going on with him physically?

DON MATTINGLY:  It seemed like he had trouble getting settled in. And tonight was one of those nights, usually with him there is more swing and miss. And there was really no swing and miss tonight. His velocity was okay. It seemed like he touched 93, and we've seen him starting out at 90, 91 which is pretty normal for him. He just didn't seem to have that same finish and be able to locate. So, you know, it was just one of those rough nights.

He had a chance to get out of the one inning with a double‑play and he missed his first. Then we have the play down the line that we just take the out at first base. We try to go home, and we end up getting out of that. But it just seemed like he was a little out of sorts tonight. Just got going a little too fast.

Q. So it's not a physical thing?

DON MATTINGLY:  He was fine. There was no restrictions on him tonight. Obviously, he threw a couple of ‑‑ his pitch counts were up there pretty good in the first couple innings. If there had been anything physically wrong, we wouldn't have let him pitch today.

Q. 13 runs on 14 hits, what's that do for the overall confidence of the club and your thoughts on Ricky going tomorrow?

DON MATTINGLY:  I don't think the hits make any difference. It's what we talked about the first question, it's get a win. So there are no moral victories. You don't get to add total points together or anything like that. So it's one win, it's over at this point. We get a chance to close the door tomorrow.

Q. If Ryu doesn't have any physical problem, does he have any second chance for the Postseason?

DON MATTINGLY:  A second chance?

Q. In the Postseason, yeah.

DON MATTINGLY: We hope. We hope. You know, if we can win ‑‑ put another win on the board, then he gets another opportunity. We don't turn our back on guys that have had great seasons for us after one game. So, yeah, he's part of what we do.

Q. Any particular significance to winning today and taking any debate about whether you're going to bring Kershaw back on short knowing you can bring him in with full rest now?

DON MATTINGLY: The biggest thing was getting the win today. That's kind of been the plan the whole time is kind of win every day. I'd like to be able to close us out tomorrow. I didn't know there was any debate, really. Lot of questions, right? You never know what happens. Twists and turns of this game.

Q. Coming in, even you didn't know how Hanley's back would react, second straight big game from him. How refreshing has it been to have him be himself so far through three games?

DON MATTINGLY: It's nice. I mean, him and Adrian together is a real force. Carl swings the bat great. That's a huge home run he hits for us. They were swinging the bats good early. Carl's hitting, he makes a great play. But then you get Hanley and Adrian there, and you start putting some guys with them. Yasiel had a big game tonight.

Hanley, I've been talking about him all year long just how good I feel like he is. I'm glad, again, when we were going down the stretch and he was wanting to play some of those games and we were trying to hold him off.

I just kept telling him, I want the whole world to see you. I want the whole world to see how good you are. And that's been, I want him to show everybody how good he is. And it's been good so far.

Q. Those first four inns were a roller coaster. Did it feel like the first team to settle down was going to be the one to kind of pull away?

DON MATTINGLY: Not really. It was funny today. Kenley was watching one of the football games and he was like this is a boring game. It's 3‑3. I said you're probably one of those guy that's don't like the 1‑0 game, right? You probably like a 12‑9 game. So it ended up being one of those kind of games early.

But it felt like you just don't know what's going to happen with that game, because Cappie (Capuano) comes in and he hasn't pitched in a while. He's rough or something, that thing just turns into just mix and match, and guys are going to have to do things they haven't been asked to do.

Cappie was the key to settling that game down.

Q. I know you have Game 4 tomorrow, but just I want to ask you if you're going to be next season, you don't think you'll change the pitching rotation?

DON MATTINGLY:  Are you talking about Hyun‑Jin, changing the rotation?

Q. Yes.

DON MATTINGLY: Everything depends on how you put it together on rest and time, and if we can, again, we still need to win a game. We don't know how we get that, and we don't know where that takes us. So with rest and things like that. So the rotation could go all different directions if we're able to do something.

Q. Uribe's obviously loved by all his teammates. What was the reaction like in the dugout when that ball went over the fence?

DON MATTINGLY:  It was nice. At that point, more runs, so obviously everybody's excited. Papi has a flair for the playoffs it seems like. He gets a lot of big hits.