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Oct. 6 Ricky Nolasco pregame interview

Q. I'm sure you've gone over video of the last few starts you had and stuff to this point. Have you figured out what type of adjustments you would have to make so that the results are better than they were in the last three starts?

RICKY NOLASCO: Yeah. I just needed to go out there and concentrate on making quality pitches. You know, that's pretty much the plan that you go into every start. I've been feeling good, so I'm ready to go.

Q. You said earlier this season you'd take away some things from Zack's starts when he faces a team. Did you take anything away from what you saw in Game 2 the way he attacked the Braves hitters?

RICKY NOLASCO: Yeah, I watched a lot of it, rewatched it on video again. There are always things that you can pick apart, especially him being right handed.

So I watched the video, and I saw a few things here and there. I'll be able to try to use those things to my advantage.

Q. I know during the season you can go up to teammates and say, can I use your tickets today? I've got family coming. Knowing how many people you're going to at least want coming, do you do that in the playoffs or everybody holds on to theirs?

RICKY NOLASCO: I pretty much limit it to just family. Everybody is understanding and they're doing a good job of going out and getting their own and stuff like that. I just told everybody just immediate family for the playoffs and stuff. So just my parents and brother and sister and stuff like that.

Q. Don Mattingly has called you guys a fun group of guys. Would you say that's the same type of atmosphere in the clubhouse? Are you guys still fun, having a good time?

RICKY NOLASCO: Oh, yeah. Everybody's definitely loose. It's a loose group of guys. Everybody's joking around and stuff like that. Music is playing, lot of veteran guys on the team. So it's very loose and we're going to use that to our advantage.

Q. Starting in the Postseason as opposed to starting the regular season, are you kind of cognizant of what the differences are and what you have to deal with going into this Postseason start?

RICKY NOLASCO: I mean, yeah. I know the difference. I know what's on the line and stuff. But preparation is still the same. You go about your business and do the same things you do for a regular start. Once you cross the line, it's the same game, and everything just kind of locks in.

Q. You try to keep from letting the hubbub and the media and everything effect and get into your head?

RICKY NOLASCO: Yeah, we're professionals. We've got 50,000 people watching us every night whether it's media or fans. So like I said, once you cross the line, everything takes over and it's the same game.

Q. Growing up around here, is there any particular Postseason memory? I mean, I know you were pretty young in '88. Do you remember that one?

RICKY NOLASCO: Not really, man. I don't think we probably didn't make those games in Postseason. Tickets were probably too expensive back then. So definitely watched them on TV though and stuff.

Q. When you got traded, I know you were excited about things like coming home, but how much were you thinking ahead to getting a chance to pitch in the Postseason in games like this?

RICKY NOLASCO: It was in my mind. I knew the Dodgers had been playing well when I got traded over, and I knew the possibility of us winning this division. I was excited about it, and definitely ready for the opportunity now.

Q. There's been some chatter about whether, if tomorrow is an elimination game, about whether Kershaw should start tomorrow. If the team does go in that direction, would it be understanding of that decision?

RICKY NOLASCO: Yeah, this isn't about me. This is about the team. Whatever decision they make is going to be the best decision for the team. So I'm with whatever they're the ones who get paid to make those decisions and stuff like that. So I'll be here ready to take the ball whenever they ask me to pitch.

Q. Have they given you any indication that things could change?

RICKY NOLASCO: I haven't heard anything, just from you guys.

Q. Knowing the surroundings here, is it difficult or different pitching in these Santa Ana dry conditions at all?

RICKY NOLASCO: No, there's always things that you can use for grip. You're allowed to lick your fingers and wipe off and stuff like that. But the weather has no difference and stuff like that. If anything, at nighttime the ball it holds the ball a lot better and stuff like that in the stadium.

Q. You mentioned adjustments earlier. Is there anything mechanical that you're going to do differently or anything what have you?

RICKY NOLASCO: No, I feel like everything's been good. My mechanics, no matter the results my last couple starts or whatever it was, felt good, arms felt good. Just a couple things here and there, so I'll be fine and ready to go.

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