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Oct. 7 Bob Melvin postgame interview

Q. Start off generally on your thoughts of a wild game.

BOB MELVIN: My thoughts? It was. It was certainly a good game for the fans. Both teams played hard. Both teams got big hits and did good things at the right moments, and both teams did some made some mistakes that got the other team in the game.

Q. Bob, on Coco's ball that was dropped on Cabrera, could you run us through that a little bit?

BOB MELVIN: Well, he breaks back and then has to recover and covered a lot of ground to get back there. And obviously until you've tried to make that play and the ball's bouncing a little bit as far as your eyes go, he ended up making a basket catch that just popped out of his glove.

I mean, we're talking about an extremely good center fielder. Again, they covered a lot of ground to get to the ball. It just ended up popping out of his glove.

Q. Alburquerque's comebacker, how key was that play in the game, and any thoughts on him kissing the baseball before tossing it over?

BOB MELVIN: I didn't see him kiss the baseball, but obviously if he gives up a hit right there, it's a different game.

Q. This thing came so close to being tied, and really importantly as you head west here. Is this sticking in your craw more than you can even really reveal right now?

BOB MELVIN: No, you just gotta move on. If you let it stick in your craw, then you won't be prepared to the best of your capabilities on Tuesday. So you've just gotta let it go.

Q. How pleased were you with Milone today?

BOB MELVIN: I thought he did really well for us. And he was a little bit out of sync early on. Recovered as the game went along. I thought he pitched better and better for a younger guy in his first playoff game.

I think that shows you he's a mature kid and nothing really bothers him out there. And to give us the innings he did get through six with where the pitch looked a little high early on, to be able to give us six, I thought that was terrific.

Q. Your team made quite a comeback to win the division. Does that experience at all help them being in this situation 0-2?

BOB MELVIN: We just need to win a game. We need to go home and concentrate on Tuesday. If you start thinking about three games ahead, then you lose your focus on Tuesday's game.

Q. Usually on the road teams don't use the closer in a tie game at the bottom of the 9th. Was it the fact simply it was a playoff game? Was it you were down 0-1? The fact that they had the top of the lineup?

BOB MELVIN: It was three days in a row he was off and we were going to use him for two innings. We felt that was the equivalent of using him at home where you use him for an inning and then you come to plate, so we were prepared to use him for two innings.