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Oct. 7 George Springer workout day interview

Q. A little dance outside the elevator, I saw you doing. Are you going to incorporate that into your home run and just that's sort of a lead-in to the enthusiasm that your team shows on the field, and if you think it's kind of similar to what maybe you saw the Royals do last year and young teams and if that's making a change in baseball?

GEORGE SPRINGER: Yeah. I mean, this is obviously a hard game. But you have to do anything you can to kind of slow it down and just enjoy playing the game and not getting so stuck on, I guess you want to say, the stage or who you're playing, stuff like that.

Our team is young and we like to have a lot of fun out there and just kind of enjoy playing the game as a game and not as a profession.

Q. George, do you kind of look at you guys the way the Royals looked at themselves last year, kind of similar positions, the young up-and-coming team and now the roles are reversed?

GEORGE SPRINGER: Yeah, but at the same time I don't think anybody can compare them to us. They were able to do some special stuff. That's a good team over there. They play hard, they play fast.

Yeah, I mean, just for us to be in this position is obviously something special to us and we're going to kind of go out and just kind of enjoy this whole ride.

Q. I don't know exactly what your feeling was about the hit by pitch that got you out for a while, but it did come against the Royals. Is there anything there? Do you bring a little bit something extra? Is it something that's in the back of your mind?

GEORGE SPRINGER: No. Like I said, he wasn't trying to hit me. There was no intent there, obviously. It's just a part of the game. It's unfortunate it happened, but it's in the past. I'm here now, and I'm excited to have this opportunity to play them here.

Q. Royals are a team that's built around pitching and defense. Obviously, a spacious outfield. Made a big catch last night on that A-Rod liner. How do you think your outfield defense as a team travels here to Kauffman?

GEORGE SPRINGER: Hopefully, our guys, you know, ball isn't hit over our head that long. Obviously, this is a big field. There's a lot of space out there. With Gomez and Marisnick and Colby, there's a lot of space to be held for.

And our philosophy is if you just run until you can't run anymore. If it's in the air, you go for it. That's pretty much how they play too, you know, with Cain and Gordon and Dyson out there. That's a pretty special outfield.

Q. Just ticked off four other guys who are center fielders. You've all played center field. Is there some kind of an internal competition, like maybe I should be in center field, or does that kind of feel you guys at all?

GEORGE SPRINGER: No, because I just think that everybody understands their job on this team. I'm supposed to play right. Whoever's supposed to play center is in center. Whoever's supposed to play out -- you know, whoever is supposed to play anywhere is just supposed to play anywhere. There's no, well, I should be here. It's just go help the team win and do anything I can.

Q. Curious if you remember the first time you watched Carlos play or the first time you thought you saw him, thought he could be as good as he has been this year.


Q. Yeah, sorry.

GEORGE SPRINGER: He has been everything as advertised. For being 21, he's got incredible poise. The skill-set is there. He's only going to improve.

His poise, his calmness has been the thing that's kind of impressed us all. There hasn't been a day where I can say, all right, hey, you know, slow yourself down.

He's been calm the whole time, and I think he was able to show everybody what he can do. And he's obviously only going to improve.

Q. George, considering that the Astros swept the Royals in Houston earlier this year, how would you measure a Game 1 victory here at their place?

GEORGE SPRINGER: I mean, they're all big at this point in time. The first game is obviously huge for either team to have that control, I guess, heading into Game 2, it would obviously be huge for us.

But the goal is just to go out and hopefully win, but this is -- I mean, it's going to be a hard-fought game and we'll see what happens at the end of the day.

Q. George, you had a huge series here in 2014. What do you remember about that?

GEORGE SPRINGER: You just remember being able to hit the ball well here. I don't know why. But that was then and this is now. So hopefully that can continue here. On to the next one.

Q. George, we all got a glimpse of the clubhouse yesterday, what you guys were going through. Give us a snapshot of what it is to be a player on this team and the camaraderie that you guys have.

GEORGE SPRINGER: I mean, you have to have fun. There's no guy on this team that doesn't kind of enjoy the day and kind of enjoy the process and the spot that we're in.

We like having fun. There isn't anybody in there that's ever kind of down on themselves or anything like that. We're just all about going out, kind of enjoying who we are as a team.

This has been a time through the highs and the downs of 162-plus games. But we've all kind of embraced it and stuck together and kind of just enjoyed this ride.

Q. George, everybody knows by now the home and road splits for you guys. Any rhyme or reason why you guys have struggled so much on the road this season?

GEORGE SPRINGER: Couldn't tell you. I guess we just don't like our gray jersey. I'm really not quite sure, you know, why we play so well at home and then kind of that doesn't translate on the road.

It's just one of those things that you see in this game that you kind of don't understand how it happens, but I guess hopefully that can switch around here.