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Oct. 7 Yasiel Puig pregame interview

Q. Can you share your thoughts on the change today with Kershaw now pitching instead of Nolasco?

YASIEL PUIG: That's definitely the manager and the coaching staff's decision. But I feel that either way, whichever pitcher we throw today, we have a good chance of winning.

Q. This being your first playoffs, what are the biggest differences that you notice between the playoffs and the regular season?

YASIEL PUIG: I noticed that each pitcher is focusing more on each pitch that he throws. Everyone's trying to give their all in every single play. I noticed that the zone has been a little tighter, everything. There is a lot more focus and more intensity on every little detail and that each player is doing their best not to make any errors and making sure that they complete every play the best they can.

Q. It's been an incredible year for you. Can you describe everything that's happened to you this year and your thoughts on going forward?

YASIEL PUIG: I'm always giving my best in every opportunity that I've got. I give thanks to God that I was called up this year and I've had the opportunity to play in the big leagues. I really take each game as just another game of baseball. I don't focus too much on it being the playoffs or being my first opportunity or anything like that. It's really just another game that I've played, and so I always give my best because it's the game that I love to play.

Q. It seems like you got banged up or had an injury during the game yesterday. What was that, and how do you feel today?

YASIEL PUIG: I feel in perfect condition, and I'm ready to give it my best today as well against Atlanta to finish the series here so I can start preparing for the next team that comes.

Q. It seems like you and Hanley have a very good relationship. Talk about that and how it's helped you in the season?

YASIEL PUIG: It's not only Hanley, but Gonzalez, Uribe, really all of my teammates have really helped me this season to always give my best on the field.

Q. Your teammates say that over the last couple months you've been maturing and growing up. Do you agree with them?

YASIEL PUIG: I give a lot of thanks to them for helping me concentrate and focus on the details I need to focus on to make sure I'm always giving it my best and having the best opportunity to win on the field.

Q. I know all of you guys had a great night yesterday, but the only one, your friend Hyun Jin got a little bit of a tough game last night. Did you talk to him a little bit?

YASIEL PUIG: I'm happy to see that Ryu gave it his all and did the best that he could. Everybody's happy with the job that he did. He really helped us win the game and keep the other team to only four runs as it was and helped knock in a run as well. It wasn't the best game he's ever pitched, but we're all happy that he was able to contribute to the victory.

Q. Talk about getting to the World Series as your major goal for this season? How do you feel about being closer to that stage?

YASIEL PUIG: I'm going to continue to focus on preparing for each game in these playoffs and make sure that I'm ready for each pitch that the pitchers are throwing at us, because we are prepared as well. Really, everybody in the clubhouse, all of my teammates are ready for whatever comes our way. We're very prepared for this and continue to look forward to taking the next stages in the playoffs.

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