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Oct. 8 Anibal Sanchez workout day interview

Q.Even though you've been with the Tigers a relatively short time, does it feel like a long time because of how comfortable they made you feel?

ANIBAL SANCHEZ: Beginning when I come here, I feel like, you know, it's really weird, because this is like my first time I'm out of Miami, because it's my hometown.But besides that, right now, I've been working hard with the coach here. I try to be on the same page for everything. I know the League is a little bit different. It's no big deal, but it's a little bit different. And we have to do the job and that's what I did in my last couple of starts.

Q. How would you describe your slider right now, the feel for your slider? It seems like you're throwing it a little more often, maybe I'm wrong. It appears that you're very comfortable with throwing for strikes, things like that?

ANIBAL SANCHEZ: You know, I feel good with all my pitch. It doesn't make a difference if it's a slider, my curveball. I try to throw every pitch for a strike in any count, I don't go specially on just one pitch.

Q. Who has helped you the most in making you feel comfortable as a Tiger over the last couple of weeks? You were struggling earlier and now everything seems to be in a nice groove, who's helped you the most to make you comfortable?

ANIBAL SANCHEZ: I think it's everybody helped me, the pitching coach, the starting pitchers, Verlander, and the rest of the guys. They help me a lot. Especially the Latin guys, they told me if I come do my job in the National League, I have to do it here. I don't pitch bad in the National League, so they told me feel comfortable on the mound, try to do my best, and just focus on every pitch. And that's what I start doing, that's why I work better in my last six or seven starts.

Q. It's going to be loud and crazy here tomorrow. Do you feed off that? What have you heard about this place when there's a lot of people here?

ANIBAL SANCHEZ: You know, I never pitch here. I just come here when the interleague, I think, with the Marlins. I don't try to focus too much about how loud it's going to be, the field, or I try to focus and do my job. I try to focus to pull my ball for a strike, get it hitter by hitter. That's what I do. And I don't think too much of other things. I try to focus just on one thing.

Q. Some of the A's thought that Alburquerque disrespected the game yesterday with kissing the ball. What's your take on all that stuff?

ANIBAL SANCHEZ: You know, that's part of the game. I respect every emotion for every pitcher. I don't do it. He do it. He's fine. So I respect like every emotion for everybody. That's what only I can say for that. I don't know how other people take it, but it's not my, really, opinion about that, so I don't go and take too long with that. Like I say before, I respect every pitcher's emotion.Q. Has a batter ever done anything that you felt disrespected by?

ANIBAL SANCHEZ: No. I don't understand the question.

Q. You're going to be a free agent, you're in the postseason. Does your mind ever wander to the good position that you're in right now?

ANIBAL SANCHEZ: You know what, I'm the person that thinks day by day. I don't try to be ahead on anything. Right now I just focus on what I'm going to do tomorrow. The free agent I know is coming, but that's my agent's job. That's why I have an agent. Right now I focus on tomorrow. I don't think too much what's going to happen after that. The only thing I take care is I want to finish my postseason out.

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