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Oct. 8 David Freese pregame interview

Q. Was it any harder to put yesterday's loss behind you than a normal loss, with everything at stake and how close you guys were?

DAVID FREESE: Obviously it's different because of the magnitude of the post season. But you know, you try and turn the page, which we have, and it was a tough loss obviously. You know, you can tell the Nationals are fired up about it; rightfully so.

But you know, we have moved on. We understand how important this game is. Making it 1 1 or going down 2 0, that's a huge difference.

Q. What makes Jordan Zimmermann so tough?

DAVID FREESE: He's confident in whatever he throws. He's not afraid to find the zone, and he just gets after you. When he makes mistakes, you have to counter and you have to make him pay.

Q. A lot of talk about the shadows, and I'm wondering, one, how difficult it is to hit in those circumstances, and two, is there a fine line between acknowledging the reality of it, and making excuses?

DAVID FREESE: Yeah, the shadows are tough, regardless of where you play. I think every team has dealt with it over the course of the season at some point with these mid day games. But the thing is, guys, is that both teams deal with it, and you know, it may look worse when one team gets a lot of hits and our team doesn't, but that's just the way it is. Both teams have to deal with it.

I think both teams wish maybe the games were played at different times, but that's not the case with the TV schedules and everything. So you just deal with it. You just have to battle the elements and grind it out and try and win a ballgame.

Q. We have asked the managers probably a lot about this, but the odd set up this year where the team with the worst record opens at home. From a player's point of view, how did you see that? Did you see that as just curiosity and nothing more, or as a real chance to set a tone?

DAVID FREESE: Yeah, I still kind of question it. I think the higher seed should be at home first. But that's not the case, and you know, with that said, Nationals I'm sure fired up that they at least took one here, and I'm sure they are going to try to take both.

You know, starting on the road and at least splitting is huge. I'm not a big advocate of, you know, you're going to win a ballgame more because you're at home, but I think it's definitely more comforting playing in your home ballpark to start out.

Q. How different are things for you now than they were at this time a year ago when you were still kind of a relatively unknown player in the big leagues, and after what happened last October?

DAVID FREESE: I think last year, I was more naïve to all this. But everything's slower now. It's more relaxing. You understand you just have to do your own thing and prepare and focus, and worry about winning a baseball game. But this is what we live for, and to be back here for a second time, it's awesome. You grind it out for six months and get a chance to sneak in and try to do it all over again. It's awesome, and you couldn't ask for anything more.