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Oct. 8 Collin McHugh, George Springer postgame interview

Q. Collin, how did you react to that hour rain delay? What did you do inside to keep yourself warm, and did you ever have to ask A.J. to make sure he didn't throw you?

COLLIN MCHUGH: I never sat down. So I got in the clubhouse, and I think I was making people nervous because I was pacing around the whole time. Threw some heat on my arm and pretty much just paced and made sure I wasn't going to let myself get tight.

A.J., the whole time just kind of kept looking, trying to get an idea of what time it is. Once they finally got a solid number, they said hey, you've got 30 minutes. Get what you need to get done. And that was pretty much it.

Q. Collin, the diving catch that Marisnick makes there in the fifth, two on, one out, how pivotal was that play?

COLLIN MCHUGH: Huge. These guys have been doing this all season. I try not to take it for granted, but you kind of expect them to make the plays. George in right field, Marisnick, whoever is playing center, Marisnick, Gomez, Rasmus. When balls are hit, I just expect them to make the plays.

They've come through in a lot of clutch situations for me this year behind me, and none bigger than today with Marisnick for sure.

Q. Collin, what is it like when you're watching your team launching home runs again like they did tonight?

COLLIN MCHUGH: I mean, it's tough. They're in some tough pitches out there. Got a guy coming in the beginning of the game, throwing 97. Guys throughout their bullpen who have been outstanding all year. For our guys to just grind through nine innings, put together quality at-bats, one through nine in the order, guys on base, put pressure on them, it's a really big -- it's a huge game for us. It's a huge game to win.

So to see them hit a couple homers is -- reminds me of being back at home.

Q. George, what were your thoughts? You cranked one out, circling the bases.

GEORGE SPRINGER: I was happy to kind of extend our lead some. I mean, obviously, they had just hit another homer -- I'm sorry, Collin. And it's -- we're kind of needing something right there. Jose got thrown out on a stolen base. So it was just I was glad to kind of extend our lead there and help the team.

Q. Gregerson said winning like this, opening game, shows you guys mean business; that you're not going to be intimidated. What are your thoughts about that?

GEORGE SPRINGER: It's huge to play in a place like this. The crowd is into it the whole game. That's a special squad over there. Those guys can hit at the best of them. So for us to come in here, obviously, the first game is huge.

Q. A lot of teams come into a place like this with a big outfield and maybe feel like they're at a disadvantage to the Royals. Do you guys almost feel like we're fine here with your outfield defense and your speed; that maybe we're kind of suited for this park that a lot of teams come in and are at a disadvantage?

GEORGE SPRINGER: Yeah, you know, I mean, obviously with Marisnick, Carlos and Colby out there, we just -- I don't know how to explain it. They like to have some fun out there. Who can make the most plays and all that stuff like that. I mean, our park isn't small either. So it's -- yeah, I mean, we just go out there and have some fun.

COLLIN MCHUGH: Play some pasture.

GEORGE SPRINGER: Oh, yeah. Play the pasture.

Q. George, can you -- you seem to nod when Collin was mentioning pacing back. Can you describe the scene for us, to have watched him during the delay and how was it to see him be out there?

GEORGE SPRINGER: It's -- I mean, it's awesome. He was in there with heat on his arm, and nobody knows how -- if it's going to be 15 minutes, 20 minutes, an hour. I mean, and then he had to sit through the half inning and then to go out there and pitch and perform and slow them down was huge.

And for us, it's just go out there and help him win. He did his job tonight, and it was -- it's awesome to see him go out there after having an hour off.

Q. A little bit of the question about the ballpark. A lot gets made about this park, like it's Yosemite and you couldn't possibly get one out. This organization even had its own struggles with that. Do you feel -- as a pitcher, do you feel like no one can get it out? I know you've got great defense. Just the park itself. You haven't had a problem sitting here, George. Is it you change your approach because of the size of it, or is that something you think too much gets made of?

GEORGE SPRINGER: No, you know. I mean, I kind of attempt to do the same thing every place I go. That's just hit the ball hard and get to first base. I'm not one to think about the size of a park because at some point balls do go over the fence. So, you know, you just have to go have a quality at-bat.

Q. Collin?

COLLIN MCHUGH: I think that would be a better question for Kendrys Morales. Guys can hit the ball out of the park at this level. Anybody can at any park. Some parks more than others, some parks are a little tougher. But guy puts a good swing on a pitch, you're going to have a good chance of getting it out of the park.

Q. You mentioned Kendrys. First of all, why was he the one guy that seemed to be seeing the ball well off you? Can you talk at all about what Brent says to you on the mound when you face him in the sixth inning? Was there any chance you were coming out in that situation?

COLLIN MCHUGH: I don't think so, not in that situation. The first at-bat, I made a good pitch to him. In my opinion. I went back and looked at it. It was a cutter up and in off the plate. That was six or seven inches off the plate and he turned on it. Not only turned on it, kept it fair, which is impressive.

The second at-bat was a change-up I put out there on the tee for him. Not on purpose. But just kind of hung right there for him, and he put another good swing on it. The last at-bat, I knew it was coming down to the end of my outing. I knew I was maybe going to get one more inning. Chances were that was going to be my last guy.

For me the most important was getting the guys out in front of him. If somebody was going to be on base, it would have probably been in that position. When Brent came out, when Strom came out and talked me through it, we had a good game plan going into it. We talked about it the half inning before, me and Jason. We attacked, executed a good game plan, put a good swing on it and hit it right at George.

Hats off to him. He had a couple really great at-bats today. We're fortunate to get out with the win.

Q. What was the adjustment you made the third at-bat?

COLLIN MCHUGH: We went a couple fastballs away. Stayed hard on him. Then were trying to bounce a breaking ball there. It didn't quite get to the dirt. He still was able to backspin it. I don't know how he was able to backspin the ball, but it was almost in the dirt, whether he was seeing the ball well or what he was doing. He made good adjustments on me as well.

Q. George, before the media came in the clubhouse, you were in there after the game. What was it like?

GEORGE SPRINGER: We're happy, it's obviously good. But it's on to tomorrow. I mean, it's over with, and now we understand that they're going to be prepared to play, and they have to as well.

THE MODERATOR: Thanking you both for coming in. We'll see you tomorrow.