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Oct. 8 Ned Yost postgame interview

THE MODERATOR: We'll get started with Ned Yost.

Q. Ned, with Yordano, was the break just too long for him to get hot again?

NED YOST: Yeah. It was an hour. We were pushing it. We were considering bringing him back on the fourth game, and when he sat there, Dave and I said okay, 50 minutes, max, for him. 45 for a young guy is more like our number.

But it was pushing 60 minutes there. So we made the decision to go with Chris Young, and he came in and did a nice job for us.

Q. How do you think Yordano did for the first two innings at least?

NED YOST: Okay. He was just settling in when it started to rain. He got hurt with his curveball the first inning, two pitches that were up in the zone a little bit. But besides that, he did a nice job of kind of limiting the damage there.

Could have been worse. I just felt like he was starting to get in his rhythm when the rain came. That was it.

Q. I know it's obviously looking ahead. Would he be potential for Game 4?

NED YOST: Yeah, absolutely. We'll probably bring him back now. He only threw 40 pitches, and when it got to the 60-minute mark, I told Dave, look, the best thing to do here instead of pushing him is let's just go ahead. That's why we had Chris Young long in these types of situations.

You weren't really anticipating rain because nobody was calling for it, you know. They even came in right before the heavy rain and said it's about to stop and we'll be done for the night. And then it just blew up. So that kind of made the decision easier for Game 4.

Q. What did you see from the offense against McHugh?

NED YOST: Really, we could not get any type of rally going. We got little mini rallies going, but we couldn't sustain them. He just made pitches and kept us off balance with his off-speed stuff, commanded his ball well, and after sitting for an hour, my hope was maybe he'd stiffen up a little bit. But, no, he came back just as sharp as he was in the first two innings.

Q. Would you talk about the job Chris Young did do for four innings?

NED YOST: Chris has been throwing the ball so well for us lately, it gave us confidence to go out in the third inning to hold the score. He did a good job. Got a fastball up to Springer that he powered out of the ballpark. But got us into the sixth inning in the game, and that's what you're looking for.

Q. You lost one in the World Series last year and came back and won the next two. Is that your mindset now? Because you aren't used to being behind.

NED YOST: You take it day by day. It's a five-game series. The first team to win three is going to be the winner. It's not a death sentence to lose Game 1.

Q. Ned, you said it's not a death sentence. It's also not the end of the world where you don't have a big offensive day. Is your lineup your lineup and this is what you're going to roll with, or is that something you're going to evaluate?

NED YOST: My lineup's my lineup.

Q. Plenty of plays could stand out from this game. How key was Marisnick's diving catch in the fifth inning?

NED YOST: That and the play at third base on Salvy's ball were great plays. That's a young, athletic team and they played really, really good defense. So those were both nice plays. You talk about being able to keep a rally going, and those were rally stoppers right there.

Q. Ned, I know you take it day to day, but does knowing that Keuchel would be there in Game 3 put any more importance on tomorrow?

NED YOST: Well, a little bit, you look at Keuchel's numbers at home. They're really impressive. Tomorrow will be a big game for us, yeah.

Q. But this is sort of why you have Johnny Cueto in Game 2?

NED YOST: Exactly. That's exactly why we got Johnny Cueto. If you lose Game 1, then you got Johnny to help you bounce back. And best-case scenario, you win Game 1 and then you've got Johnny to take it to a two-game lead. So that's why we got Johnny, for games like that.

Q. Ned, the ball Rasmus hit out, your view of it, just left up?

NED YOST: Yeah, cut it up. I think he was trying to get a cutter in on his hands, and Cody Rasmus is a really strong low ball hitter, low fastball hitter, and I think he was trying to go up and in on his hands with the cutter and just didn't get it in.


NED YOST: Thank you, guys.