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Oct. 8 Robinson Chirinos and Yovani Gallardo postgame interview

MODERATOR: We'll take the first question for either Yovani or Robinson.

Q. Robinson, what does it mean for your team to win Game 1 in Toronto against David Price?
ROBINSON CHIRINOS: It mean a lot to the team, I think, to come to Toronto to win that first game. A great pitcher, it's big for us. You have to give credit to Yo, he keep us close in the game and give the team a chance to win.

Q. Robinson, you caught David Price a couple times when you were in Tampa. Does that give you any kind of advantage in facing him on the home run?
ROBINSON CHIRINOS: Yes. I know Dave since 2010 when I got traded to Tampa Bay. I know the way he pitch and how he like to attack hitter. I was taking that first pitch and looked for fastball middle in. I was able to square and hit it out of the ballpark.

Q. Yovani, that's five pretty good innings. How did you feel about your afternoon?
YOVANI GALLARDO: Well, we won, so it should add to it. I feel good, the first couple innings I was falling behind guys, the ball was up in the zone a little bit, but we stayed with the game plan that Chirinos and I had going into the game and got some ground balls whenever I needed to and limited the damage. I think it's very important against a team like this and give the guys a chance to come back and swing the bats like they did.

MODERATOR: Thank you, thank you both.