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Oct. 9 Max Scherzer postgame interview

Q.  I know it's an old subject, here, because of what you've been dealing with, Max, but could you take us through a little bit here of where your deltoid is this week, the affliction that put you on the shelf for a while.  And really how strong you feel and if it's any element here at all in your approach tomorrow?

MAX SCHERZER:  My deltoid has been fine.  I was able to get treatment and after the second kind of setback, and after that we really took care of it.  I needed more rest.  And that's what we gave it.  Given that second go‑around, second round of treatment, I got healthy enough to be able to make that start in Kansas City.  And having made that start, that was very important for me to get back out there and get into a workload.

And so seeing how I was able to respond to it, have it be able to pitch at a hundred percent, it's recovered fine.  And I've been good ever since.

Q.  What are the mental twists and turn a Game 4 starter goes through during Game 3 when you hope your team wins and you basically are hoping you're not starting?

MAX SCHERZER:  Yeah, that's how it was.  I was the biggest cheerleader today, hoping that we would win.

I mean, it is a little bit weird not wanting to pitch.  But at the end of the day the team comes first, and obviously we wanted to win today.  Given that, obviously we weren't able to come through, so now it's my turn to go out there and give the team a chance to win.

Q.  On today's game the A's came out very strong in the first inning and then a huge catch by Coco in the second inning, and the stadium came alive.  As an observer did the atmosphere of the coliseum make an impression on you?

MAX SCHERZER:  Yeah, it really did.  We've come here several times and they have good fans, but they usually don't have that many fans here.  But obviously today is a lot different.  And that was probably the most rowdy atmosphere I've ever seen here, pretty much in any ballpark I've ever been in.  From the first inning to the 9th inning they were on their feet cheering for every pitch, every out.  I give them a lot of kudos for the atmosphere they were able to provide.

Q.  How do you view their batting order?  They have some power and you tend to be a bit of a fly ball pitcher.  What do you make of them, Max?

MAX SCHERZER:  They have some guys who have some speed and who can steal some bases and hurt you that way.  And they have power in the middle of their lineup.  They have some good quality left‑handed bats.  So it's going to present a challenge for me tomorrow.  For me I've got to come up with a good game plan on how to navigate through the lineup and be able to collect outs when I need them.

Q.  You probably have been on the mound when Austin Jackson has made a catch like Coco did.  What does that do for a pitcher?

MAX SCHERZER:  It just relaxes you.  Because obviously in that situation you probably made a mistake.  And for your defense to come up huge like that, it gives you a sense of calm to be able to go out there and continue to execute, because you know you dodged a bullet.  The play he made tonight was spectacular, at the least.  And it was a turning point in the game.

Q.  Old subject, Max, but 75 pitches last Wednesday.  Do you feel like you will be able to go the distance, with any sort of limitation, like a pitch count?

MAX SCHERZER:  No, I don't think so.  The way I've recovered over the past ten days has been really good.  Like I said, that start in Kansas City, was able to go out there pain free, let it fly, and it felt good.  I was able to recover off of that.  And there shouldn't be any limitations on me tomorrow.