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Oct. 9 Miguel Gonzalez workout day interview

Q. Miguel, can you just talk about the experience of being here in the playoffs, and not only that, having to be in New York and pitching against a team like the Yankees?

MIGUEL GONZALEZ: Well, being my first year here in the Big Leagues and having the opportunity to be in the playoffs, I mean, it's been a plus for me and for most of these guys that have been in the Orioles for a couple years. I think it's been real fun being around all those guys and having the opportunity to play here.

Q. In watching the first two playoff games, what were your impressions? Did you think that the intensity was much greater than during a regular season game?

MIGUEL GONZALEZ: It was, just because of the fact that the crowd was more into it. You know, I was a little bit disappointed at the end, like the last two innings that we played the first game against the Yankees, at our home, like the crowd was a little down. But yesterday's game was great the whole game. The intensity was there, the crowd was with us the whole time, one through nine, and I think just having the opportunity to be here and be a part of the team and being in the playoffs, I mean, it's been a plus for me.

Q. Did you learn anything special watching those first two games?

MIGUEL GONZALEZ: Did I wear anything special? The postseason sweater. That's what all the pitchers and most of the guys were wearing. It was a great feeling, got the chills, got the adrenaline going, even though I wasn't playing. Every inning, every out, every pitch was really important. Especially facing the Yankees. Hammel did a great job keeping us in the game, J.J. has been doing a great job the whole year. It didn't go his way the first time, but he did a great job the second game. Just I tip my hat for him, what he's done throughout the whole season and especially in the playoffs.

And Wei Yin Chen, he just went out there and did what he had to do, and he got the win.

Q. I was just wondering, a lot of people sort of have to tackle adversity and they get through it, and in looking at your story, obviously you've done that, went through a lot of setbacks, and I was wondering how much discipline and perseverance does it take to do something like that, to find yourself in this position after some of the breaks that you've gone through here in your career?

MIGUEL GONZALEZ: No, I did have my ups and downs. It was tough playing in the minors for seven years and being on the disabled list for two years, one for having that knee surgery in '08, and then Tommy Johns in '09, back to back. It was pretty tough on me, but I stayed within myself, kept working, just did what I had to do, and it paid off. It's been fun ever since. I got called up this year, even playing in Triple A with Norfolk Tides, and I just went out there to have fun, and things changed. From one year to another, you never know where you're going to be at, and I'm really happy where I'm at right now.

Q. And at any point as you're going through all this stuff, did you ever think maybe it was time to try something else? Or did you ever envision a scenario where maybe some of this stuff just doesn't come through and you've got to move on to something else?

MIGUEL GONZALEZ: You know what, my family has always been a big part of me, and they've always been a baseball it's all about baseball within my family.

You know, I thought about it, but I was like, what else am I going to do? I love playing baseball. This is what I like doing, and why not keep going and keep trying, trying to do my best, just perform, which has been happening this year, and I'm really happy with what's been going on throughout the whole year. It's been a long journey for me, so I'm really happy.

Q. Personally obviously you've had success against the Yankees this year, but personally for you, what's your take on it as far as the success you've had? Do you build on that, or do you look at it as just starting over again because it's the postseason and kind of everything is magnified?

MIGUEL GONZALEZ: I try not to change anything and just be myself, as I was throughout the whole season. Not try to do too much, just stay within myself and follow what Wieters is going to put down. That's what we've been doing the whole year. A lot of guys, what you just said about them saying that we've been having success here at Yankee Stadium, we're not going to change anything. We are going to keep doing what we've been doing and keep working hard.

Q. Just kind of going off what he talked about a little bit there, you have obviously had success against the Yankees in the times you've faced them. What has been able to make you so successful against them this season?

MIGUEL GONZALEZ: The adrenaline, the confidence, just having Wieters back there makes it a lot easier for us to pitch. I like pitching in big games. That's what I've been doing. I've been doing it for the last eight years, here and in México especially. I had a little bit of experience in playoffs in Mexico, not here in the States, but I think I'm just going to stay within myself and make good pitches and get guys out and try to get them as fast as possible.