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Oct. 9 Salvador Perez, Alcides Escobar postgame interview

Q. For both of you, Salvy, I know your home run went to left field. How important was utilizing the whole field tonight? Eskie, your triple goes to the opposite field.

SALVADOR PEREZ: Every game, every at-bat, no matter where you hit the ball, you get on base, just give me the opportunity for the guys coming after you. And that's what we do today. We tried to use all the field. And, I mean, Kazmir, he throw a lot away up inside and go inside or something on me. And I hit it pretty good. And Eskie too. I really think the guy -- Eskie hit a triple -- trying to throw away, away, away, see the ball away, and hit it to the other way for a triple.

ALCIDES ESCOBAR: And the eighth inning, when I hit a triple, outside looking for the third pitch, he threw a lot of cutter, throw middle outside and I hit the ball good and can get a triple in that situation. It's incredible in the strike zone, one of the best guy hitting, more patient right now, and bring me to home plate.

Q. Tacking on to that, were you surprised how shallow they were playing you in that situation?

ALCIDES ESCOBAR: No. Those guys, they play always like that in the regular season, play too shallow in the outfield. Everybody's moving. Second base, playing right behind the base. It's crazy. I don't know what those guys, they do that.


Q. Salvy, talk about Johnny's day. He struggled a little bit early and he kind of dialed it in. What were you guys talking about out there?

SALVADOR PEREZ: We don't talking too much. I think he got up in the zone later in the game, you know. And the pitching coach talked to him after the second or third inning, I think, tried to keep the ball a little down on both sides of the plate. And I think young guys on Houston need to be throwing inside and let us know (indiscernible) to work. And what he did after that, keep the ball down. Throw the ball to both sides of the plate, play aggressive, and he do pretty good after the first three.

Q. For either of you, when the team's down 4-2, what's the feeling like in the dugout? Is there still the confidence you can get this done?

SALVADOR PEREZ: Yeah. I think last year after the Wild Card game, we're down for four runs in the seventh inning, so we got to a little experience, you know. And we just concentrated today to the last out. No matter what inning we are, if we're down four runs, if we're up four runs, we need to play hard and finish the game.

Q. Sal, last night, you were so positive and it wasn't fake. Anybody that's been around you knows that it's genuine. Where's that come from? And to see the result today, to see the big triple that Alcides hit, just how special is a win like this?

SALVADOR PEREZ: Well, I said to you last night, you know, every day is a different day. Coming to the ballpark, and play hard and try to win the game. But whatever happens that day is over. You just need to come into the next day, concentrate again, and try to win that day. Every game important right now. So you need to play hard every day and we'll see what happens.

Q. Ho about your leadoff guy?

SALVADOR PEREZ: Alcides? He's pretty good.


Q. Eskie, he gets the game winner today, but what is Ben Zobrist adding to this team right now?

ALCIDES ESCOBAR: He's really important for this team with a guy like Zobrist, in the half of the season, they give a little bit more experience on the team. And he's great. He can play second, short, or in the outfield. And like I say, this guy hitting behind me, I feel like really comfortable with him.

Q. Eskie, when you swung at the first pitch, did that mean you knew that the team was going to win?

SALVADOR PEREZ: We knew we were going to win.

ALCIDES ESCOBAR: Oh, yeah. Yesterday, everybody asked me, why you don't swing the first pitch? In that situation, when they starting to throw like over 20 pitches, like the other team (indiscernible) I can swing on the first pitch. Today, he made one wrong and -- Dale Sveum told me you guys say like no matter what, swing first pitch. I say okay.

Q. Eskie, is that triple as satisfying a hit as you've had recently?

ALCIDES ESCOBAR: It's a great triple right there in that situation. Tie game, in the eighth inning, just go outside and looking for a good pitch in the strike zone for making contact. And I hit the ball good. Come on, Eskie, keep going. I know there's no out, Zobrist behind, Lorenzo behind, Hosmer behind. That's it. That's a big lineup right there.

Q. And Sal, not just Herrera, what you saw from him, but also Madson, going one, two, three to make sure you don't have to face their big names in the ninth inning, how big were Herrera and Madson's performances?

SALVADOR PEREZ: Pretty good. You guys know these guys for a long time. They come in to compete. They're coming to stop the offense for the other team. He's trying to do his job. What Herrera and Madson did today is pretty good for us, for the team.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you both. We'll see you in Houston.

SALVADOR PEREZ: Thank you, guys.